The Gruve is a Valuable New Weight Loss Gadget

The Gruve Solution™ is a new weight loss and weight management gadget that encourages you to increase your daily activity. It was developed by a medical doctor in concert with research funded by the Mayo Clinic.

Similar to the FitBit, GoWear Fit and BodyBugg, the Gruve is a healthy living tool that encourages you to be more aware of behaviors like what you are eating, how much you are eating and how much you are moving.

But the Gruve is also very different.

It was created on the principle of NEAT, or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, the concept of burning calories and expending energy aside from clocking 30 minutes on the treadmill. Given our desk jobs and overall sedentary lifestyle, the lack of NEAT in our lives is a large contributing factor to the obesity epidemic.

The Gruve is a small gadget that you attach on your belt or waistline. When you get your Gruve on; your daily goal is to burn a certain number of calories that will help you lose or maintain weight. To show how many calories you are burning and how close you are to reaching your goal, your activity is compared to a scale that tracks progress through five different “zones.”

Each zone is given a color. Start each day in the Red Zone. As you burn more calories throughout the day, you progress through the Orange, Yellow, and Blue Zones. When you achieve your calorie burn rate for the day, you reach the Green Zone.

The Gruve Solution prides itself on being a cutting-edge combination of:

  • Gruve™: The Personalized Tool: To track your NEAT movement, wear an unobtrusive little device which records movement and calculates your personal calorie burn.
  • Gruve Network™: The Online Experience: Synchronize the Gruve with the Gruve Network, a website that charts your activity levels and calorie burn rates on a daily, weekly, monthly and even hourly basis. Your goal: Get to Green™ (the number of calories you need to burn to reach your weight management goal). Over time, you’ll see that Getting to Green becomes easier every day, helping you feel empowered and energized.
  • Muvologists™: The Health Professionals: For the personal side of Gruve, you’ll have the option to meet with a Muvologist. These health experts offer inspiration, guidance, coaching and support. They’ll help you set your goal and give you the information you need to Get to Green. They’ll also track your health profile, to help you understand the extent of your progress.

Get a Gruve for yourself!

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