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The Only Fitness Tracker Review Guide You Need

2014 Fitness Tracker Review Guide


These are the top wearable fitness trackers you should consider using to monitor your fitness goals. Last year’s 2024 Fitness Tracker Review Guide was a huge hit, so we’re doing it again with the new 2024 models. Several bands have gotten bumps in battery life, there are new and improved features across the board, and some new players to consider.


The two notable entries are aimed squarely at the budget-minded among us, with price points both under $60. They don’t pack all the high-tech bells and whistles of their more expensive siblings, but for many, they get the job done and serve as a reminder to be more active.

For a modest $50, you’ll find the Jawbone UP Move, which clips onto your shirt, pants, blouse, or purse. It’s a pedometer, first and foremost, and via the free iPhone or Android apps, also helps you keep track of calories consumed and calories burned.

The $60 Fitbit Zip competes head-on here, but is also waterproof up to 30 feet. (more…)

The Only Fitness Tracker Review Guide You Need for 2024

2024 Fitness Tracker Review Guide Available Now!

Within the last few years, the market for wearable computers has exploded. Today, we’re looking at five such devices that help you monitor your physical activity, stay in shape, keep track of your sleeping patterns, and go everywhere you go. You see, the best innovations are those that are exceedingly simple to use and assume a natural place in your life.

I looked at the latest and greatest fitness gadgets for this post: the Fitbit Force, the BodyBugg LINK, the Jawbone UP, the Nike FuelBand SE, and the Ssmart Dynamo. By and large, they do many of the same things, so how do you decide which one is right for you? Here are ten key features about each to help you decide which fits your lifestyle.

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A few key takeaways from the data I gathered.

The Nike FuelBand SE has the longest battery life. If you’re on the go more than you’re at home, this is something to consider. With the FuelBand, you can expect 12 days between charges.

If you already use a smartphone app to track your fitness or food intake, you’ll want one that plays nicely with your favorite app. The Fitbit Force, BodyBugg LINK, and Jawbone UP are the three models to look at for this.

All models have a pedometer function to track your steps throughout the day. And all models, except the FuelBand, include sleep monitoring and calorie tracking. (more…)

Julia Kozerski Documents 160-Pound Weight Loss With Her iPhone

Julia Kozerski, 28, doesn’t share a weight loss story like many others. Over the course of a year, not long after her wedding in 2024, Julia embarked on an incredible weight loss journey that left her half her original size. In the process of losing nearly 160 pounds, Julia documented the entire experience in an unlikely place: In dressing rooms using her iPhone.

Julia works as an advertising and marketing manager in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and received her bachelor’s degree from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. It was during her time spent there, mostly researching beauty, body image, and identity, that she underwent her incredible transformaton.

To slim down, Julia says she stopped eating junk food and cleaned up her diet. She also began counting calories and weighed and portioned her food to stay on track. For exercise, she began walking and biking, also employing a BodyBugg, which she wore to help keep track of her daily calorie expenditure.

As an artist and photographer, it felt natural for Julia to document her body’s changes. Though she never meant to share the photos publicly, she later released them as two artistic galleries on her personal website JuliaKozerski.com. Snippits of the more than 200 photos taken in dressing rooms between 2024 and 2024 can be found in “Changing Room.” The mostly nude series titled “Half,” documents her body’s changes in a much more intimate way.

We recently spoke with Julia to gain a more in-depth look at her inspiring journey. (more…)

Choosing the Right Accountability Tool for Your Personality

There are many tools and techniques that people use to help them make life changes, especially when improving diet, increasing physical activity, and losing weight. The trick is to find the one that fits best for you. Just because one technique worked fabulously for your friend or coworker does not mean that you will find it as helpful. Different types of accountability will be effective for different personalities. Your personal motivation for life change will also impact what will work best for you.

AppsSmartphone applications often work well for the busy, on the go individual. Apps can be informative, provide data tracking, and/or hold you accountable through reminders. If your phone is never far from you, a good app may be the easiest type of accountability for you to integrate.

Gear and Gadgets – There are a lot of options for the techy person who enjoys gadgets and toys. These often appeal to people who enjoy technology and value quality. The opportunity to use these gadgets or toys is the motivation to increase physical activity. Some gear worth considering includes Jawbone UP, a pedometer, a fancy bike, or a BodyBugg.


NewYu Connected Fitness Monitor Offers Weight Loss Tracking Technology

Despite the fact that some studies have linked child weight gain to playing video games, there is a new technology on the block that might actually help you shed pounds.

The NewYu Connected Fitness Monitor is a wearable, connected fitness monitor that tracks all activities users engage in throughout the day, from running and biking to cooking, cleaning and shopping. The monitor syncs with an online dashboard where you can establish fitness goals, track progress, and share your results.

“The more accurate the tracking, the more likely users are to reach their goals,” said Van Krueger, President and CEO of Wellcore, NewYu’s parent company.

The San Jose-based company will introduce the new monitor at the 2024 IDEA World Fitness Convention in Los Angeles.


The Gruve is a Valuable New Weight Loss Gadget

The Gruve Solution™ is a new weight loss and weight management gadget that encourages you to increase your daily activity. It was developed by a medical doctor in concert with research funded by the Mayo Clinic.

Similar to the FitBit, GoWear Fit and BodyBugg, the Gruve is a healthy living tool that encourages you to be more aware of behaviors like what you are eating, how much you are eating and how much you are moving.

But the Gruve is also very different.

It was created on the principle of NEAT, or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, the concept of burning calories and expending energy aside from clocking 30 minutes on the treadmill. Given our desk jobs and overall sedentary lifestyle, the lack of NEAT in our lives is a large contributing factor to the obesity epidemic. (more…)

Interview with Ali Vincent, Author of Believe It, Be It

ali vincentWhen Ali Vincent was in Los Angeles going through the final stages of casting for Biggest Loser season five, she took out a small bell, a gift from a friend, and started shaking it at her mom chanting “Believe It, Be It!” No one could have predicted then that those four words would be the mantra that would carry her to become the first female Biggest Loser and that it would be the title of her first book.

“Believe It, Be It” published last month and provides an intimate look at Ali Vincent’s life – what got her to her starting weight of 234 pounds, what pushed her to follow her dream and win Biggest Loser season five, weighing 122 pounds, and how she lives her life today, still listening to her mantra.

Listen now as I speak with Ali about the book, her lifestyle, and what her advice is for everyone about to start those New Year’s resolutions.


24 Hour Fitness Offers Members a Versatile and Family-Friendly Gym

24 Hour Fitness is fast becoming one of the best known fitness outlets in the country. This is due in large part to their high-profile partnership with the wildly popular reality show, The Biggest Loser.rudy 24 hour fitness

The show’s trainers, Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper, motivate contestants (and viewers, for that matter) as they compete for the $250,000 grand prize. The trainers whip contestants into shape with equipment provided by 24 Hour Fitness. They’ve done so for the eight-season history of the show.

24 Hour Fitness contributed the Body Bugg calorie management system to season eight. This calorie counter armband helps users with a digital display that keeps them on top of of how many calories they have burned throughout the day. There’s also a Web interface that helps users track calories consumed based upon user input to the software. It also helps users with daily meal planning. (more…)

Coleen Uses BodyBugg to Meet Weight Loss Goal

Everyone wants to know… “What is that THING on your arm!?” You know, that “thing” that all the contestants wear on the Biggest Loser? It’s my BodyBugg!


Biggest Loser Week One Bonus Clips

jillian michaelsJillian Michaels talks to her team about the importance of a nutritious, balanced diet as part of a complete weight loss plan. She explains why fad diets continually fail. She also instructs her team on how many calories to consume and burn each day: Girls 1200 calories in; 4,000 calories out. Boys 1800 calories in; 5,000 calories out. Jillian says they aren’t allowed to come in until their BodyBuggs show they’ve burned enough calories. Jerry has an exception to eat 2,000 calories per day due to restrictions from the doctor.

The contestants talk about the feelings and emotions they felt during their first trip to the elimination room. Ultimately, the green team was viewed as tougher competition, and the first batch of alliances are revealed.

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Biggest Loser Using New Diet Gadget, the BodyBugg

With the  season premiere of NBC’s The Biggest Loser on Tuesday, September, 16th, we have a sneak peek into some of the newest gadgets and devices that will help the team members knock off those pounds. And the best part is that these new diet tools aren’t just for the team members: They are available to you as well.

Body Bugg

One of the coolest high-tech gadgets that the team members will be sporting is the BodyBugg. The BodyBugg is a highly accurate calorie counter and resembles a wristwatch even though it is worn on your tricep or upper arm. This small device calculates how many calories you are burning all day long. It does so through an astute sensor configuration that measures your body temperature, motion and skin conductivity. Each minute, it takes a reading on how many calories you are burning and have burned. You are even encouraged to wear the band while you sleep, since the more you wear it, the more programmed it becomes to precisely read your body’s caloric expenditures. But it does not calculate how many calories you are consuming.

The mission behind the BodyBugg is to get you to move more. By moving more, you burn more calories. More movement in combination with a reduced calorie diet equals pounds lost. That is just what is needed as the sixth season of The Biggest Loser makes its fall return.  Pay special attention to their upper arms to see if they are sporting the BodyBugg.

The device is a bit on the pricey side: $250 to $350. But if you are a Type A personality and thrive on knowing what your metabolism is constantly up to, then maybe the BodyBugg is worth the investment.

Here is a complete review of the BodyBugg.