The Only Fitness Tracker Review Guide You Need

2014 Fitness Tracker Review Guide


These are the top wearable fitness trackers you should consider using to monitor your fitness goals. Last year’s 2024 Fitness Tracker Review Guide was a huge hit, so we’re doing it again with the new 2024 models. Several bands have gotten bumps in battery life, there are new and improved features across the board, and some new players to consider.


The two notable entries are aimed squarely at the budget-minded among us, with price points both under $60. They don’t pack all the high-tech bells and whistles of their more expensive siblings, but for many, they get the job done and serve as a reminder to be more active.

For a modest $50, you’ll find the Jawbone UP Move, which clips onto your shirt, pants, blouse, or purse. It’s a pedometer, first and foremost, and via the free iPhone or Android apps, also helps you keep track of calories consumed and calories burned.

The $60 Fitbit Zip competes head-on here, but is also waterproof up to 30 feet.

Both of these devices have a battery life in the six-month range, and both work with your iOS or Android smartphone.


Stepping things up a bit, you’ll find two bands that sell for $130.

The Garmin Vivofit trumps them all, packing one year’s worth of juice on a single charge! If you’re looking for water resistance, the Vivofit is the obvious winner here, as it can be submerged up to 150 feet (any scuba divers out there?).

The Fitbit Charge has digital watch functionality, which doubles to display the Caller ID of incoming calls, which is a nice touch. The battery life is about a week.


On the high end of things, you’ll find the most advanced fitness tracking and health monitoring of any wearable tracker we’ve seen yet.

The Fitbit Surge (not pictured here) includes built-in GPS tracking and storage for your MP3s, so you don’t need to take your phone along for that morning jog. It’s priced highest at $250.

UP3 by Jawbone packs more sensors than anything else here, including a thermometer to read the temperature of your skin and a heart rate monitor.

The Nike Fuelband SE now has both iOS and Android apps, and is uniquely designed to measure movements of your entire body. It pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. It’s the only band that also appeared on last year’s review guide.

The UP3 and Surge also keep track of how much (and how well) you sleep, which is potentially valuable to know.

Whatever model best suits you, be on the lookout over the next 30 days for some of the best deals and sales. We’ve included Amazon links for the best price on each, which will update automatically as they roll out more discounts.

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