NewYu Connected Fitness Monitor Offers Weight Loss Tracking Technology

Despite the fact that some studies have linked child weight gain to playing video games, there is a new technology on the block that might actually help you shed pounds.

The NewYu Connected Fitness Monitor is a wearable, connected fitness monitor that tracks all activities users engage in throughout the day, from running and biking to cooking, cleaning and shopping. The monitor syncs with an online dashboard where you can establish fitness goals, track progress, and share your results.

“The more accurate the tracking, the more likely users are to reach their goals,” said Van Krueger, President and CEO of Wellcore, NewYu’s parent company.

The San Jose-based company will introduce the new monitor at the 2023 IDEA World Fitness Convention in Los Angeles.

The NewYu boasts innovative motion detection and advanced pattern recognition technology to help detect and track a wide range of body movements.  Not only can it track activities like walking and running, but biking, aerobic exercise and simple tasks like cooking and cleaning.

While other weight loss tracking options like MapMyFitness and BodyBugg help dieters stay on track, NewYu offers some additional features:

Online Dashboard: The monitor syncs with a web-based dashboard that lets users track fitness goals, trends and progress using charts for the current day and week, as well as 30 and 90 day periods.

On-the-Go Access: Dieters who are on-the-go throughout the day can access NewYu from anywhere. The device offers a free Android app and the online dashboard syncs in real-time with Bluetooth.

Community Support: Along with an online social community called ConnectYu, the dashboard offers access to health and fitness professionals who can view clients’ fitness and diet progress electronically and offer diet and exercise advice.

Nutrition Database: A partnership with the nutrition database CalorieKing makes it easy for users to track calories consumed as well as calories expelled.

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