Interview with Ali Vincent, Author of Believe It, Be It

ali vincentWhen Ali Vincent was in Los Angeles going through the final stages of casting for Biggest Loser season five, she took out a small bell, a gift from a friend, and started shaking it at her mom chanting “Believe It, Be It!” No one could have predicted then that those four words would be the mantra that would carry her to become the first female Biggest Loser and that it would be the title of her first book.

“Believe It, Be It” published last month and provides an intimate look at Ali Vincent’s life – what got her to her starting weight of 234 pounds, what pushed her to follow her dream and win Biggest Loser season five, weighing 122 pounds, and how she lives her life today, still listening to her mantra.

Listen now as I speak with Ali about the book, her lifestyle, and what her advice is for everyone about to start those New Year’s resolutions.

I had the opportunity to visit with Ali during the Biggest Loser eight finale. If you’d just met her you’d never know that she was once overweight; if you are a fan of the show, you’d be proud to see she still looks fantastic! Ali says she’s found balance in her life now, while still regimenting her fitness and dietary habits. For her, the work involved with maintaining her weight isn’t because she has to, but because she wants to. It helps her to stay true to herself, saying that when she lets the little things slide, they add up to the bigger things.

Ali is a loyal user of the BodyBugg, crediting it with helping her control her calorie consumption and calorie burn. She tells the story of seeing a woman in a grocery store wearing one and not able to understand why anyone would wear it out like that. When she saw the abundance of healthful food in her grocery cart, she made the connection. “Healthy people are healthy because they choose to be healthy,” was her realization.

To everyone about to embark on a weight loss resolution this new year, Ali wonders why people have to wait. She says “start now!” She offers a few important tips for ensuring you stay true to your goals and set yourself up to win:

  • Clean out the kitchen cabinets and replace unhealthy foods with more nutritious foods
  • Hire a personal trainer or enlist a workout buddy
  • Make yourself accountable to others and yourself by telling everyone you know about your goals
  • Remember that there are no Mondays, no ruined days

ali vincent believe it be it“Believe It, Be It” should definitely be on your reading list, especially if you’re seeking the motivation to get started on your own journey. Coming up in 2024, watch for Ali to continue attending speaking engagements, guest hosting QVC and participating in more road races and triathlons. Her most important work in 2024 may be getting her Believe It, Be It foundation off the ground, with plans to host its first camp this coming summer.

Calling herself an ambassador of wellness and movement, Ali reminds everyone that you don’t have to conquer a mountain all at once, you just have to take that first step.

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