Health Buzz: Why McDonald’s Won’t Rot, Look Great in Your Jeans and Why Science Sides with Organic

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What Keeps a McDonald’s Burger From Rotting

If you forgot a McDonald’s burger and fries in your car for 145 days (or more), you’d find it looked pretty close to new when you discovered it. Find out why the lengthy ingredients list preserves this unhealthy food.

Science Sides with Organics

If you were looking for a reason to switch to organics, this should be plenty. New research finds that organic produce is more nutritious and has a longer shelf life.

Movie Theaters Must Post Calories for Snacks

A hidden gym in the Health Care Reform Act will require movie theaters to publish the calories of their unhealthy snacks.

Weird Diet Tricks that Really Work –

If you must have Cheetos, eat them on a plate. Find out why this and other odd tricks will help you maintain your weight.

Look Great in Your Jeans –

Fitness guru Denise Austin has some simple moves that will have you looking hot in your fall denim.

4 Food Label Myths Debunked –

See “low” on a package label and assume it’s healthy? You’re probably assuming wrong. Learn how to decode marketing speak.

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