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Prevention Magazine October Features Dr. Oz

Don’t miss October’s Prevention Magazine, featuring Dr. Mehmet Oz helping people get their body in the best shape of their lives.

If Dr. Oz’s prescription for a better bod doesn’t speak to you, one of the other featured health stories surely will. Dr. Arthur Agatston, creator of the South Beach Diet, offers his tips for having a healthier heart. And with breast cancer awareness month right around the corner, Prevention shares new information about a potential cure for this deadly disease. There’s also a guide for a four-week belly flattening workout. If nothing else makes you pick up this month’s Prevention, surely a guilt-free mac and cheese recipe will do it, just in time for fall.

Grab this copy of Prevention Magazine from your newsstand, or subscribe to Prevention Magazine and never miss an issue.

Health Buzz: It’s All About Calories

In this week’s Health Buzz, host Jamie Yuenger shares some helpful information about calories.

With ideas and guidance from Prevention, My Daily Moment, and our team, you’ll learn how to cut and burn more calories. Plus, SheKnows helps break a few fitness rules, we talk about body odor that’s actually good for you, and Fitness Magazine has an incredible recipe for a grilled mushroom pizza.

It’s all in this week’s Health Buzz! Click to watch it now.

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Outsmarting Your Cravings on Today

Today ShowTune into the Today Show on Thursday, April 28th to learn how to outsmart your worst snack cravings. Prevention’s Deputy Editor Margot Gilman will share the best ways to understand your cravings and avoid mindless eating.

Margot will discuss the situations and circumstances that trigger our unhealthy cravings. She will share how sleep, stress, overall nutrition and habit can all cause us to have cravings, and how you can understand these triggers to fight cravings to eat better and lose weight. Plus, she will give viewers four questions to ask themselves before they cave to a craving.


Low Cost Casseroles from Prevention on Today

the today show logoTune in to the Today show on April 12, 2024 for some great casserole recipes from Prevention magazine. Chef Ariane Duarte will show you three low-cost yet healthy casseroles, which are not only an easy dinner but also make for delicious leftovers. Duarte will demonstrate a four-cheese macaroni bake that only has 300 calories per serving and a curried chicken broccoli casserole that will spice up any meal. Lastly, she’ll also show off another easy casserole variation with creamy spinach. All of the recipes demonstrated on the show can be found on Prevention’s website.


Prevention Magazine Gets a Modern Makeover with the May 2024 Issue

Hitting newsstands today is the May 2024 issue of Prevention Magazine, but not the same Prevention you’re used to seeing. With this issue, featuring Sheryl Crow on the cover, the magazine unveils its new image. There’s a new cover look, updated logo, and a positive new tagline “Passionate, Persuasive, Powerful…Prevention.”

Unlike a lot of brands that give themselves a major makeover, this change from Prevention is subtle, and offers a lot more for its more than 10 million readers, making it the #1 healthy lifestyle brand in the U.S.

A new editorial team at Prevention, including editor in chief Diane Salvatore (who’s had the job since August), means stories that are more meaningful to you, touching on new topics like the environment, emotional well-being, and greater focus on beauty, fitness and recipes. “I wanted to make it more entertaining, encouraging and motivational,” said Salvatore.

You’ll also enjoy new features in Prevention like:

Continue reading to learn more about the new Prevention, and see your chance to win a 2-year subscription. (more…)

National Walk to Work Day is April 1st

Held annually on the first Friday every April, National Walk to Work Day is designed to get commuters up and moving. Founded by Prevention in 2004, this year’s National Walk to Work Day falls on April 1st, and participants are encouraged to walk for all or part of their commute.

Here’s how you can participate:

If you can walk or bike the whole way to your job, do it. If the roads are safe for you to navigate them sans vehicle, wake up early enough to make sure you get to work on time, and set out on foot. Make sure you wear comfortable walking sneakers and carry your professional shoes along with you. You may even want to bring a change of clothes depending on the length of your walk and weather in your area.

If you take public transportation, try walking to a stop further than you normally take to hitch your ride, or get off at a stop further from your work and fit in your walk after your ride.


Quick Chicken Recipes from Prevention on Today

TODAYTune into the Today show this morning, March 21 for some great 30-minutes chicken recipes from Prevention magazine. These quick and healthy recipes are bound to become family favorites.

Prevention is one of the oldest and most trusted health and wellness magazines. Not only does it cover the latest developments in medicine and personal care, it also provides readers with a range of advice on fitness, cooking, aging and weight-loss.


Best Packaged Foods on Good Morning America

GMAWe all know that many processed foods are too high in sugar, sodium and fat to be considered healthy, but are there any packaged foods that can provide real nutrients? Good Morning America took a look at Prevention magazine’s 2024 packaged food awards, to highlight some of the better choices when it comes to eating on the run.

Here are a few of the winners:

  • Chobani Lemon 0% Greek Yogurt
  • Country Choice Organic Instant Oatmeal with Flax
  • Sargento Sliced Reduce-Sodium Pepper Jack Cheese
  • Applegate Farms Organic Roasted Turkey Breast
  • Annie Chun’s Pad Thai Brown Rice Noodles
  • Dr. Praeger’s Sweet Potato Littles
  • Lucini Rustic Tomato Basil Sauce
  • KIND Bars Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio


New Flat Belly Diet and the Best Infomercial Exercise Products on the Rachael Ray Show

UPDATE: This episode will air again on June 29th, 2024.

Tune in this Wednesday, January 5 to the Rachael Ray Show for her New Year’s Shape Up episode!

It’s time to shake off those holiday pounds and start your healthy resolutions. See which weight-loss infomercial products make the cut in Rachael’s own Biggest Loser challenge. Dr. Ian Smith stops by to put some of the most popular fitness products you see all over the television to the test.

Then, find out how to lose eight pounds in five days and cinch your waistline while eating bread, pasta and tacos with the New Flat Belly Diet. (more…)

Health Food Safety on The Doctors

Tune in this Monday, December 27 to The Doctors to learn just what food and health products are right for you.

Prevention magazine’s and The Doctors Health Investigator, Liz Vaccariello stops by to uncover the truth about a host of supposed diet-friendly products and foods. Find out if artificial sweeteners are really safe for you to consume and learn Liz’s own wellness tips for how to get healthy. (more…)

400 Calorie Fix Will be Re-Released on December 21st

The 400 Calorie Fix is a collection of recipes and dietary guidelines for weight loss. The number one rule in the book is, “Enjoy three or four 400 calorie meals… everyday… and don’t forget to snack!” Does it sound like your kind of diet? Perhaps it’s time to find out. For the last year, the book has been available only on its website but line up because it will be re-released everywhere on December 21st.

The book’s website claims that it will help you lose 11 pounds in two weeks by eating just about anything you want. The key to success with the 400 Calorie Fix is to eat 380-420 calories per meal (or snack) to keep your metabolism running at full speed. We know, for a fact, that calorie reduction is a great way to lose weight. This isn’t news to many of us, but for those of you who need an extra nudge to keep track of your calories and adapt your recipes, the 400 Calorie Fix may be just the thing! The book implements an easy-to-read star system for keeping track of nutritional content in each recipe.