Healthy Recipes for Your Labor Day Party

As the summer draws to a close, Labor Day is the perfect time to gather all of your loved ones and celebrate the last days sunshine with relaxation, fun and, like any get together, food.

Labor Day doesn’t have to make or break your diet. By taking advantage of the fresh produce in season this summer and offering healthy, fresh and delicious dishes to your guests, you’ll be able to enjoy your party, guilt-free, without worrying about busting anyone’s swim suit seams.

Running low on ideas? Here are a few of our tried and true recipes that will satisfy your guests’ taste buds without expanding their waistlines.

Barbecued Corn What’s a summer celebration without corn on the cob? Instead of drenching it in butter, try topping your corn with a bit of Parmesan cheese, pepper or a little garlic.

Pasta and Bean Salad You get your pasta salad and your bean salad, all wrapped up into one healthy dish.

All-American Potato Salad Potato salad, while delicious, is a fat and calorie bomb, but this slimmed down recipe may become your new favorite way to serve spuds.

Blue Cheese Dip Blue cheese is always a crowd pleaser, and this lower calorie version won’t disappoint. It pairs perfectly with fresh cut veggies or Buffalo Chicken Wings.

Cottage Cheese Dip for Vegetables For those who loathe fat-free store bought dips, and can’t stomach any more hummus, try this refreshingly unique, yet simple dip.

Microwave Baked Beans These beans are made with fruit (apple) instead of cups of sugar, to give you the same sweet taste, without the junk.

Oven Fried Chicken If you need a break from the BBQ chicken you’ve been eating all summer long, try this healthy spin on traditional fried chicken.

Actually Delicious Turkey Burgers The name says it all.

Blueberry Cobbler Nothing closes out a summer celebration better that a fresh fruit cobbler. Instead of topping it with fattening ice cream, try vanilla Greek yogurt.

Pineapple Angel Food Cake Sure, you could do the same old strawberry and blueberries angel food cakes, but pineapple gives a sweeter, more exotic taste your guests will love.

Remember to watch your portions, get in plenty of exercise, and most importantly, have fun!

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