Interview with Biggest Loser’s Heba Salama and Ed Brantley

There is something to be said about the folks that wear the orange shirts at Biggest Loser. Like their predecessors, Jackie and Dan, Heba Salama and Ed Brantley are enthusiastic and prepared to push through to the end.

orange teamIn our first interview of the new Biggest Loser: Families season, Heba and Ed talk about what lead to their decision to join Biggest Loser (casting director plucked them out of an open casting call crowd!), how the newlyweds (married two years) had to sleep on twin beds at the ranch and how the show is giving them the best chance to live a healthier life.

Ed said that Bob was not easy on them, worked their fingers to the bone, but was also compassionate. In their audition tape, Heba mentions how it would make her mad to watch contestants in previous seasons complain when there were people like her and Ed who wanted to be there so much more. She said you’ll see her complain a little this season, but only because sitting at home watching versus going through the “physically demanding” workouts is vastly different. She even shares that the workouts made her sick, as she predicted would happen.

Ed expressed concern about the school lunches being fed to children at schools in the South. That would be the first thing he’d like to see changed as an effort to change the obesity problems plaguing southern states.

Listen to hear the interview with Heba and Ed in its entirety. Tune in Tuesday night, Sept. 16, to see them and all the new contestants on the premiere.

130 Responses to Interview with Biggest Loser’s Heba Salama and Ed Brantley

Kel says:

America doesn’t know what they are in for – Heba & Ed are an amazing couple & you will LOVE watching them this season!

Brandi says:

Thanks for the head’s up Kel. We can’t wait!!

Shanshe says:

I LOVE Heba just from the first episode, i cannot WAIT to see how they succeed this season…. WOW.

Sean says:

Its really exciting, I think I saw Heba at my local gym in Raleigh. She looks GREAT. I always want to ask if they can help me lose weight. I would love to be on Biggest Loser. Congratulations..keep up the good work. I don’t know you but am proud to see that weight loss is possible…

Nancy says:

Ed and Heba, You are a total inspiration! I LOVE your commitment to each other, your fitness, and bringing awareness to everyone that its POSSIBLE!!! I’ll be rooting for you.

Anonymous says:

As of yesterday’s episode (division into black/blue teams), I no longer like Heba as much.

Jen says:

Heba is a control freak. I can’t decide who I despise more, her or Vicki. I am filled with glee, hoping that Philip somehow has the deciding vote one day to kick her and vicki’s sorry off the show.

I pray to god that neither the orange or brown team win anything, they don’t deserve it.

Anonymous says:

I agree with the last post. Heba and Vicki come off as smug and arrogant. Can’t stand either one

Jannifer says:

Heba needs to go home – I’m done with her drama, drama, drama. Give it up, grow up!!

Anonymous says:

I totally agree with the last couple of posts. Especially after tonight’s episode. Heba goes totally over the edge with her outburst. She needs to be sent home so that everyone doesn’t need to listen to her outbursts.

brandi says:

i agree with the last two posts – Heba is a mean, manipulative woman. She and her team seem more concerned about creating drama than anything else. She doesn’t deserve to be in that house anymore. (She was nicer when her husband was there, interestingly.)

Anonymous says:

I cannot stand Heba – the way she went at Philip tonight on the show was awful – not letting him get a word in edge wise? She needs to go and soon. And Vicki is right behind her as being pretty awful.

Elise says:

I agree with the last two posts. I can’t believe such selfish people are on this show. Heba and Vicki are incredibly immature. I hope they get voted off soon. They’ve made the show a drama and not at all inspirational.

Chris says:

I feel bad for Heba’s husband. He must hate himself. I hate Heba and America hates Heba. Hopefully after she the show shew is able to see her own bad attitude. The next (fat) Omarosa. America’s next reality star everyone hates. I have to change the channel when Heba is talking because she is so stupid. You would think NBC would screen a little better, there is bad and then there is Heba.

Lara says:

I agree with all the post about heba and her drama crap!! I can’t believe she said all that about Phil being a horrible person for saying that one bad thing about her when ALL she has done the past 2 episodes is talk crap about Phil! She really needs to GROW UP!! Her and her husband said they need to lose weight before having kids…well how about getting a little mature before that do that too?!? UGHH I can’t stand watching this show with her and vikki on it!!!!

Cocoa says:

Heba, Vicki and Brady all seem like hateful people. heba is the pushiest loudmouth i have ever seen. i live in raleigh and really wanted to like she and ed but its just not happening. I bet her father is so embarrassed and i’m embarrassed for him. Vicki is so evil and spiteful and the way she smirks every week makes my skin crawl. I used to think that Brady was innocent but the way he talked to Amy P when she left showed his true colors. These three individuals have made this show less enjoyable and i hope nbc thinks twice before casting people like this. i enjoy watching people i can pull for!

Anonymous says:

Heba, Vicki, and Brady make me not want to watch the show anymore. The show is not about weight loss and making yourself a better person this season. These people are all about the money and themselves. NBC..if you want to save viewers, get rid of these people…they are a poison.

Anonymous says:

WOW! I completely agree with the previous posts… Heba is out of control and so annoying. She acts like a spoiled 5 year old- I hope she learns to grow up and be a nice person before she has children! I know reality shows bring out the worst in people- and what I am seeing in Heba, Brady, and Vicki is not pretty. They make me want to stop watching the show. I hope that none of them win anything- they are ruining the show.

Viewer says:

I so agree! I have to turn the TV when that awful Heba opens her evil mouth. I hope her family really talks to her about how she acted on this show. I did like Vicki & Brady until they got to acting just like Heba. The great day will be when Vicki & Brady finally turn on Heba and we all know it will come. I will laugh then!

Stephanie says:

I CANNOT STAND HEBA!!!! She’s so arrogant and into herself she won’t listen to a word anyone else says. She needs to GO! Along with Vicki and Brady- I can’t imagine a more annoying couple

Lori says:

I agree with all the posts of the past two days. I am a HUGE fan of the Biggest Loser but I cannot stand the cast of Heba, Vicki and Brady. My husband and I stopped watching. We only watched the weigh in, in the hopes that the black team can win, but last night was terrible. I hope NBC see’s some of these posts and picks people who are more deserving of this show. I know that not everyone will like everybody, but these three really make my skin crawl. Vicki didn’t think a video of her children was a good enough reward! enough said.. send the three of them packing so that the show can go back to motivating America!

VoteHebaOFF says:

I can’t stand Heba or Vicki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have watched every season of Biggest Loser and really cannot remember ANY other contestants that evoked such intense feelings of disgust and whatever emotion falls just short of hatred. So much so, that I actually queried the web for “hate Heba”!! For true ‘game play’ why don’t these people sign on for Survivor or something. It is hard enough to lose weight and get healthy, and these two women seem more preoccupied with politics and pot stirring. Neither one is in a position to be so arrogant or cocky, and really should be staring in the mirror and dealing with themselves. It is sad to know that while they will lose weight and perhaps have a better appearance, their personalities will not change. These girls are in serious need of an attitude adjustment! Whew, I feel a bit better, until next week, lol!

Heba Hater says:

Heba is insane and horrible. She is the worst contestant in the history of the show. Hopefully she’ll be kicked off soon. Gosh she’s horrible.

HateHebaBradyVicky says:

I hate Heba, Brady and Vicky so much!!! Did you hear Heba say she “made” them bum rush Brady because he deserved it!!!!! Get over yourself Heba. And Brady standing there like a little with his arms crossed as Heba screams at Phil. Brady be a man for goodness sakes and Vickey with her Troll like smirks. Get a heart demon woman. Where did Biggest Loser find these 3?? Thsi last episode I made the decision to not watch anymore but the previews for next episode looks like there may be some Karma comming there way! I HOPE SO!!!! Heba, Brady and Vicky you 3 make me SICK!!!! CMON Biggest Loser please don’t do this again. I realize it’s for ratings but cmon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill says:

C’mon folks. Don’t be so mean to Heba. She can’t help that she’s the better person, always right, and has no personality faults at all. It’s difficult to deal with normal people when you walk on water. Imagine the insane pressure she must feel having to live with the fact that she’s God’s gift to reality television and that she has to put up with other people expressing opinions when she’s the only one who has the pre-ordained right to express her own thoughts. Her arrogance and holier-than-thou condescension are perfectly understandable considering that…, forget it. I hate her too.

Dana says:

I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t stand Heba, Vicki and Brady. I don’t watch any other reality TV because of the unnecessary drama and now this show is barely watchable because of them. What hateful people! The black team handled it well, without creating more drama. I wish the show would focus on the people that are there to lose weight. The only hope is that Heba sees herself on TV and is humiliated at her behavior.

JC says:

It’s too bad they turned this show from a feel-good, show-you-how weight loss show into a run of the mill “Survivor” type, drama filled reality show. That nasty threesome may lose weight now, but they will never be thin and healthy for life. I AM OVER THIS SHOW. I’D RATHER GO TO BED EARLY.

Jennifer says:

I wonder what it feels like to know that someone only has to google “I hate Heba” and have actual websites pop up! I have watched BL every season, and while there have been contestants I’m not crazy about, NEVER have I felt rage by watching the show. I want to jump through the tv every week and for being so ignorant. Heba said she was embarassed for Phil….hhheelllooooo Heba…. Hi pot..I’m the kettle, You’re black!!!

Christine says:

I have watched Biggest Loser since it started, and have loved it every season. It has been a show that our whole family can sit down and watch together- and my 3 children have learned lots of great lessons about eating healthy and being active. Last season we were all so excited to see Ali win! We were so proud of her and the amazing accomplishment she made. Now I am sad to say that I no longer allow my children to watch the show. It has gone from being an inspiration to being a demonstration of what is wrong with this world… Heba and Vicky are both selfish, manipulative,lying, narcissistic big-mouths who apparantly have no idea that they have caused the entire country to hate them- I had to laugh out loud when Heba said Phil should be embarrassed (really Heba??? Really?)Heba and Vicky should be ashamed of themselves for their junior-high behavior. The show has become so mired in negativity that our family will no longer watch it.
Better luck with your casting next season, Biggest Loser!

Anonymous says:


HavGal says:

Heba, Vicky, and Brady should all be ashamed and embarrassed of themselves… their petty antics are NOT what Biggest Loser is all about. I stopped watching because of them. Let’s hope the casting folks do a better job next season!

Tom says:

I can’t stand Heba and Vicki! I just watched last Tuesdays episode on DVR and had to skip through the last half of the show because I can’t stand the blue team, Heba, Vicki, and Brady are just infuriating to watch. Heba acts like a little kid, complaining and saying mean things about Phil to the camera and then confronts him and says shes the bigger person.

Hate Heba says:

I am very disappointed with all 3 of those idiots. I have been a loyal watcher since Season 1, and I can no longer watch because how absolutely disgusted I am by those 3. I certainly hope they go to singles soon because I will not long watch as long as they are together. However, I would be one happy little lady if they lost and had to vote each other off. : ) Bliss.

What happened says:

What happened to the inspirational show that made me cry almost every episode? Not to mention, pumped me up to work out. I remember disliking the guys last year but it wasn’t like this. I can’t even watch these 3 anymore. I am like one of the above posters who no longer wants to watch this show but I the previews make it seem like they will get what is coming to them soon. I really hope that Heba realizes that everything she is accusing Phil of, is within herself and Brady needs to get a clue about his scheming wife. Vicky, man, Bob probably wants to sabotage her himself. They should show us some more workout time because Vicki is coming across as a lazy manipulator but I’m sure she works out.

Myrt B says:

I was feeling guilty and ashamed for the way I feel about Heba, Vicky and her whimp for a husband, but seeing how everyone else can,t stand them aneither makes me feel more a whole lot better about myself. This show will lose it,s good ratings over these 3, if they soon don,t go, and heaven forbid if any of the 3 should win, it will be the last I ever watch of it, along with millions of others too I bet.

JillianRawks says:

I am so glad I am not the only one who is disgusted with Heba & Vicki! This is the first season where I feel that there is a team there (Vicki and Brady) are there not for getting healthy, but for the money prize. Sadly, those are the kinds of people who may lose the weight now, but will gain it back and then some after the novelty wears off.

I hope Heba or Vicki are the next to go. Buh BYE!!

Ben says:

I almost don’t want to watch the rest of the season because of Vicki and Heba. The show should just kick them off.

Kiera says:

THANK YOU!! Those three frustrate me so much, I did a google search “who else doesn’t like Heba” and found this site. Ug, last season was so amazing, I would tear up every episode, now I’m thowing the remote at the screen!! Phil is a nice guy who is playing a game and they are just so ARRRGH!!! And you can tell that even Bob doesn’t like them. Even if they get kicked off the show, you know that they will just continue being angry bitter people and that’s…so…sad.

Kiera says:

They need Jill to just lay it out and chew out their butts like only she can.

Rachel says:

I cannot believe Ed is back. I certainly feel like giving up on what was my favorite show. I can’t imagine watching the blue team scam their way to the finale. They are just ugly people.

Wishing Heba was off the show says:

I sure hope The Biggest Loser producers are reading these blogs. Please, please, please get people like this off your show. If Heba, Vicky or Brady aren’t off the show soon I will no longer watch future seasons of The Biggest Loser. People like this do not deserve this opportunity when so many other good people need it.

joe says:

I loved watching The Biggest Loser over the past few seasons. What a great concept for a show. Its always been so positive. That said I give up on this season. Vicky, Heba, and Brady are absolutely terrible and impossible to watch. I give up on this season.

Ilovemycats says:

I’ve actually decided to stop watching the Biggest Loser this season. After seeing Vicky smirk every time she does something manipulative and horrible (tonight after Phil tripped doing the step challenge made my blood boil), I’ve just decided it’s not the inspirational show it used to be. If I wanted to see horrible people compete for money, I would watch Survivor or Big Brother. Heba, Vicky and Brady are possibly the ugliest people I’ve ever seen.

In the end, moreso than feeling disgust at these horrible people, I’m more disappointed that some of the thousands of people who would benefit from this show and actually use it as a chance to change their lives, have missed out on the opportunity. I doubt my turning of the show will do much, but for my own state of mind, I just feel it better not to make scum celebrities.

emcb1230 says:

yeah, vicky heba and brady suck so bad.

Joe Ron says:

Great…Heba has more power with her husband back. I am so annoyed with the blue team right now (except for Shellay’s daughter). Heba says that Phillip started the drama and she doesn’t want anything to do with it while she is the one starting all of the problems. Phillip is a great guy and deserved to win. I hope Phillip or his wife win the $100,000. I feel so bad for Bob having to put on a fake smile every day with the blue team. Heba needs to shut her big mouth and go home. If the blue team’s alliance is the last group left towards the end I will no longer watch the show.

FormerBLfan says:

Heba and Vicki are taking up 2 spots that should have gone to somebody w/ some class. What goes around comes around.

HebaIsAJerk says:

Heba is a jerk, she should be kicked off the ‘island’ and Vicki right behind her! These people have ruined the show.

k3 says:

i hope heba and vicki get fatter than they ever were before this show. they are horrible people and i hope karma comes back to get them

Jessica says:


Barbara says:

Vicki and Heba the Heifer are the most disappointing people I have ever had the misfortune to watch.
I cant stand them. What happened to honest decent people.
They are so awful I turned the Tv off and I dont want to watch any more. I hope they are kicked off the show just because of their terrible attitudes and disrespect for decent people.
THey make me SICK

Cindy says:

Amy is the bomb! THANK YOU for finally voting off the right person. Yes, it’s a game, but Heba, Vicky, and their weak husbands should have been voted off in the beginning. Remember KARMA . . . what Heba and Vicky send around will come back to them two-fold. What happened to the great personalities? ? ?

ihateheba says:



delayette says:

Did anyone get a chance to see the previews for next week. There is a sign posted on one of the doors that says in huge bold letters “REVENGE”. Above it reads “Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you”. And below it reads “I will not rest until that is out of this house”. I’m guessing Icky Vicki is going to go on a rampage on poor Amy C. Just WOW, those people don’t seem to cease to amaze me. Amy strategically did what she needed to do in this game. She had no chance if she stayed with those horrible people.

deb says:

I was just thinking I was the only one who didn’t like this fraud. I have only disliked one other contestant ever and that was Mark – Get over yourself Mark – Now I have three I dislike – BRADY, VICKY and HEBA – Ed you are soon to be added to list – I am rooting for anyone but these horrible people –

Terri says:

Heba is nasty and she seems to think she’s God – at one point she accuses Phil of “blaspheming” her. This is by far the worst season of TBL – some of these folks (Heba, Vickie) are truly awful and just need to shut the heck up.

BLfan says:

I’m from LA and wanted to root for Vicki and Brady – now I’m ashamed there are from Houma. They have no class

GoBoSox says:

I hate Heba so much I can’t stand it. I’m with you BLfan. I live in Raleigh and hoped to really be inspired by Ed & Heba. Instead, I’m nauseated by them and I hate Vicky and Brady just as much. My favorite part of the show is seeing what the eliminated player looks like today but I had no joy in that last night. I couldn’t have given two shakes what Brady looks like today. Did anyone else notice early on that Brady and Vicky seemed like they were on the verge of divorce? They barely spoke to one another. When they started having to eliminate one person in each couple, Vicky came right out and said, “I’m not worried about it. If we’re below the line, Brady will just have to go home. This is MY thing, not his.”

Anon says:

I could have kissed Amy when she voted Brad off !!!! Least we know she’s smart enough to know good people when she sees them. Vicki totally got what she deserved. I so believe in Karma. what goes around comes around for sure. Amy better watch her back now, Vicki and Heba are out for blood (hers).

Jera says:

Heba, Vickey, and Ed (the push over) ruin the spirit of this show. They are so small and will always be.

Mary says:

Heba you are such a foul mouthed bully, Screaming at Amy P and Phil was just so unflattering. You say you forgive Phil then go on and on like some kind of psycho….You are gross.

Longtime fan says:

My husband and I usually enjoy watching the show. Lately, we have been absolutely disgusted by the behavior Vicky, Heba and Brady demonstrate towards other contestants. They don’t deserve to be on the show…

Longtime fan says:

PS – THANK YOU AMY C. for breaking up the disturbing trio!!!

Sulla says:

Glad to know I’m not the only one repelled by the antics of Vicky, Heba, and Brady.

Although Biggest Loser usually results in transformed lives in addition to transformed bodies, there are some whose personality flaws become far more visible as the pounds come off. Competition can bring out the worst in people as well as the best. My only hope is that Vicky, Brady and/or Heba awaken to their reprehensible behavior before they leave the Ranch, or while watching themselves afterward. I applaud their physical accomplishments, but they really, really need to work through some of the personality traits that got them there to begin with.

I think the “couples” casting on the Biggest Loser lends itself to the extra drama. As with others, I think the drama detracts from the inspirational aspects of the show. My wife and I watch TBL via TiVo so we can fast forward through the “drama” parts; otherwise the show would be darn near unwatchable this season.

Brian Kop says:

After watching some of these episodes of this season, I really hated the way Heba was playing the game along with Brady and Vicky. These three altogether were a bunch of snakes because they were the ones who caused a lot of drama by saying nasty things to Phil and Amy P. Every scene I watch them yell at Phil it makes me head boil to the point where I would yell at them to my screen. It is totally frustrating for to watch. I am glad that I am not the only one who hates Heba, Vicky, and Brady.

Disgusted says:

I have been watching the Biggest Loser from the beginning and I am absolutely disgusted at this season! Are we to believe that fat people are supposed to be big, loud mouth, smirky, bullies like Heba, Vicky and Brady. No wonder why Ed wanted to leave the ranch so he wouldn’t have to be around that huge loud mouth pushy! I think it is horrible that we have gone from helping America do something good like lose weight and get healthy to show nothing but back biting, fighting and arguing from people that are supposed to be professional, grown adults. Are we really teaching our children to be good role models or are we just trying to get TV ratings like all the other reality shows?

jennife says:


shelley says:

I hate Vicky too. What a complete . I know Amy is nice but seriousely if that talked to my husband like that I would punch her right in the face. That is exactly what she needs to get the wake-up call that she is not always right. I can’t believe that the chubby kid did not even get off the swing to see her dad after all the time he had been away. Telling since Vicky did not think contact with family was enough of a reward to try to win the challenge. Since the only thing they both want out of this is to win the money I hope they lose both the show AND at home.

Wendy says:

This season of Biggest Loser is HORRIBLE – mainly because Heba, Vicki and Brady are the ugliest, most evil contestents ever! I, too, was contemplating dropping the show until last night when Amy got Brady voted off. Three cheers for AMY – YAHOO!!!!!!! Go Colleen and Amy! I hope Vicki and Heba self-destruct soon – they are nasty people.

Stefanie says:

I was watching last night and bet my husband there was a site dedicated to “hating” these two aka Vicki and Heba the hut. They are disgusting. I was crying when I watched the show down with Phil and Brady and in the kitchen and high fived my husband when Brady was voted off.

whathappened?? says:

WHAT happened to BL?? how did it become so crappy. Because ofe STUPID UGLY MEAN Spirited HEBA and VICKy i now fast forward to challenge and voting. THESE two crazy are ruining everything!!

raleigh-hates-heba says:

Hey Heba, hope you’re reading this and probably are since you are so self-glorified and self-important. You don’t deserve to win, so hopefully you didn’t. We were all hoping you would make Raleigh proud and instead you made it a place in people’s minds that is ugly and mean just like yourself. If I were you I would be so embarrassed that I behaved that way on national TV, but you and Vicki are probably smirking away.

tjksfsd says:

You got to remove this article! Heba is a BAD BAD ROLE for the AMERICA! GET THIS ARTICLE OFF! Otherwise, you’re going have a bad remarks coming and coming! Save yourself by remove this article

Darla says:

I hate Vicky and Heba. Thank God Brady is gone, they all three sicken me. I always loved the show, but not this year. They have ruined it. What caused them to hate Phil and Amy so badly? They need to go so we can get back to enjoying the show instead of sitting there mad as crap all night!

Hate Hebba says:

Biggest ever – as my mother would say she is a , can’t wait for the to be gone

Safi Ann says:

Heba is a and she seems to think playing the game is more important than becoming thinner. I hope she gains back all the weight because she has such an ugly personality that nothing will ever make her a beautiful person in my eyes.

BiggestLoserFan says:

I hope that the rest of the players lose enough weight next week to vote Vicky or Heba off. Vicky appears to be a terrible person, and Heba is just stupid.

Steve J says:

I’m glad to hear one of the terror trio went home, I can’t watch the show anymore. Write this season off, my favorite and most insperational show.. a shame really. But I refuse watch such human trash abuse other people!

Theresa says:

HEFA needs to go home to pasture! She is so hypocritical it’s unbelievable. She yelled at Phil for “playing the victim” and all she does is whine about how he is evil to her. She and ICKY VICKY say that Phil has no class while they do, but HEFA parked her ! up on the food counter to call Phil out while his team was eating dinner on night. Talk about no class!

JillianRawks says:

Kudos to Amy for voting against the Blue team. That was her wisest decision. I hope the remaining Blues (minus Amy) are next to go. I feel sorry for Bob, having to deal with immature “adults.” (and I use the wors adults VERY loosely here!!!)

I am GLAD Brady was sent home and I hope it take Vicky down a notch. I just hope Heba and her husband are broken up this week!!!


viewer says:

Amy did a very brave and smart thing to vote off Brady. We know that Heba and Vicky will now bully and harass her, so I hope she stays strong. She’s a nice girl. The other two are not. They are bullies–Heba is an aggressive, in-your-face bully, and Vicky is a sneaky bully. It is telling that Bob met Vicky and Brady in a bar–why oh why did you recruit those two for a formerly honest, inspirational type of show, Bob? Phil–take heart–you took the higher road, even if it lost you a chance at winning. You and your wife, Amy, come out looking like the good people that you are. I am struck by a recurring theme in these posts–Heba and Vicky are nasty on the inside, and changing the outside isn’t going to make them better people unless they work on the inside too. Hopefully, being in the limelight will be a huge wake-up call for them. I sincerely, sincerely hope that neither of those two families win.

viewer says:

Oops, sorry, I meant that Bob recruited Heba and Brady in a bar, not Vicky and Brady.

viewer says:

Oooooops!!! (It’s Monday) I meant Bob recruited Heba and Ed in a bar!!!

Mary2 says:

Heba, Vicki and Brady are bullies. Hateful bullies. I get the impression that since they’ve never been happy with themselves, they can only feel better by being mean to other people.

viewer says:

Well, that’s it, I’ve had it with this show and I may not even finish watching this season. I don’t see any way that anyone except Heba or Ed can win it now, and I hate that possibililty.

Shame on Amy! Were you stupid or were you scared of Vicki and Heba? You reduced your chances from 33% winning (Michelle, Renee, or you) to, at best, 25% (Ed, Heba, Vicky, and you). And, you know that Heba, Vicky, and Ed will turn on you the first chance they get.

I’m also disgusted with Bob. His behavior leads me to believe that the trainer of the winning team gets some kind of bonus. Does he really not see what awful people Vicky and Heba are?

Myrt B says:

What happened to Amy?
I really think she voted for Coleen because she is too scared of the blue team.
If only she could have talked to her mom once again and to be told again “be true to yourself”
This show was my one and only fave, but not anymore. I,d sooner watch Jerry Springer than these 2 that are left on, so this will be my last season I will be watching this show, and if my fave people go, Michelle and Rennee, and Amy then I don,t give a care who wins.
Why the hell would they bring back Ed is beyond me, and now Heba can be a bigger than she was before with his support. Vicky, you need to lose your bad mouth along with a ton of weight,.

DesiLou says:

I can’t believe that Bob gave Amy the guilt trip for voting Brady out and then told them they “had to come together as a team” so she wouldn’t vote out another member of his blue team. What happened to what’s best for the individual? Does Bob care more about someone from his team winning than what’s best for each person on that team?

I think Amy made a big mistake not voting Vicki off, but I think Bob pressured her into it.

Carrie says:

I completely agree with you, DesiLou. I believe Amy was basically pressured into voting off Colleen. Amy should have been thinking about her safety on the show. I’m sure Vicky can’t wait to vote Amy off as revenge for Brady. I sincerely hope Heba or Vicky don’t win this show. They just do not deserve it.

blfan says:

so disappointing with heba and vicki they show the worst parts of human nature.. this show is no longer inspirational and hope for the contestants to succeed ..these 2 bring animosity that they fail and do so miserably

Viewer says:

It’s so disappointing that there are only two decent individuals left on the show. Good character should be required, not evil character such as Vickie and Heba.

Ann says:

Vicki & Heba are miserable human beings regardless of how much they weigh. Vicki needs mental help & Heba has no clue of what’s going on! I hope Michelle or Renee win this! They seem like overall good people!

viewer says:

Ugh, ugh, ugh. This show could have been so different if only Amy had voted Vicky off when she had the chance. The four we would have seen on tonight’s show would have been Amy, Coleen, Renee, and Michelle instead of Ed, Heba, Vicky, and Michelle. Compare those two groups as to who has acted decently, kindly, respectfully, and sincerely on this show. I hate to see $250,000 go to Vicky or Ed/Heba. I fervently hope that Michelle has worked very, very hard and is the ultimate winner.

formerfan says:

America hates Heba. She is manipulative, bullying, rude, and aggressive. Her husband is cowed by her. What kind of love does she show him? America, it’s bad enough that Vicky is in the finals – please don’t make it Vicky and Heba. Vote for Ed.

funnyhaha says:

I just hope Heba and Vicky realize how much we all hate them!!! Heba may use the exuse that she is young but Vicious Vicky is 39 surely old enough to know better. not only did she make her little girl fat but she is also teaching her how to be a b-witch. Vicky also it seems works in the medical field, God help her patients if she has a bad day. Ed needs to grow a set. I hope Michelle wins and any one but those three win the at home money.

CC says:

Although a child is a great reason to lose weight. I wish them the best on that. But their behavior on the show and the manipulative way they acted has me giving them a Big THUMBS DOWN. I do not want anyone representing America and the struggle for good health to be any of these two nor their wessel of a partner Vicki. I could hardly stand watching it. Except for Michelle I would have clicked it off. Shame on the show for allowing that behavior. Go Michelle you were so awesome in everyway. We wish you well. THUMB DOWN FOR THE OTHER 3

Emmile says:

I REALLY don’t like Vicki’s responce to the biggest loser experience, I think her comments about working 60hrs a week, not liking broccoli, not having the time to cook, and other subtle comments prove how unchanged she is and how un-liking she is to change her family tree. It’s such a sad waste.
I agree that Heba is controlling, I think that is her responce to problems. I don’t mind mind her to much, but coming down to the wire for the finale I think that she is behaving selfishly, instead of acting out of love and self sacrifice for Ed.
I voted for Ed because I think he needs to have the chance to address his own issues, the issues that likely caused his obesity.

Vote for Ed!

Jennie says:

I have watched the biggest loser for years and always loved it. This year though…with Heba and Vicky, I can hardly stand it. I typed in “I hate Heba” and found this website. She’s so rude, manipulative, and a bully. Neither of them deserve to be the Biggest Loser.

Heba is a Heifer says:

I was infuriated by Heba’s comment that Michelle would be voted off if she fell below the yellow line. I was cheering when Michelle beat them all! Michelle is now in a position to win it all and I pray she does. Never have I seen more ugly, nasty, hateful, mean spirited, rude, arrogant, manipulative, vindictive, dirty, unfair, down right evil people than Vicky, Heba, Ed, and even Brady. I have no idea how they can even sleep at night knowing how disliked they are my the American public. If they had any brains at all they would not even show up at the Finale! They will be booed off the scale! They will always be losers because they have no idea just how much they suck or just how ugly they are. They can lose weight and someday appear attractive on the outside but the inside will remain ugly. Vicky could have a body like Jillian and she’d still be ugly…. she is tore up from the floor up….she not only got hit by the ugly stick, I think the whole tree fell on that chick.

Go, Michelle, America is voting for you!

Vicky, Heba, Ed, Brady….. read every post you can about what America thinks of you and look inward. You need to lose more than weight…you need to lose your hateful ways and gain some compassion for others. The world does NOT revolve around you!

The AntiVicky says:

Is it just me, or has anyone else other than my wife realized that Vicky is the evil-twin of Fiona from Sherk? Paint her face green and she’s a dead-ringer!

Kiera says:

I thought it was hilarious that even though Ed begged America to vote for Heba, it was a landslide for him. Why would anyone vote for Heba? She never did anything for anyone else but herself. Ed sure didn’t have a chance to win, so it was like the country was telling everyone they did not want Heba or Ed to win. Hooray for Michelle!!!! PS Vicki obviously was only doing it for the money, there’s no way she will keep to her unhealthy schedule after the show.

Lily says:

Thank goodness Michelle won. Yay Michelle! But I still despise Heba. She was pretty shocked when America overwhelmingly voted against her. She ought to wake up and understand that her bullying did not win her anyone’s respect. As for the prime bully on the show, I muted the sound every second Vicki was on, so I didn’t have to hear her nasty, smug voice. She’s a nasty woman and her bids for sympathy have never rung true. If she really missed her kids, she should have exercised at home during the last couple of months. (But I do think her one comment about the movies from home was because she is afraid of water and didn’t want to say so.)

I think the show forced Amy into giving in, by the way. The week when Vicki was out to get her, Amy was positioned next to Vicki at every exercise situation. And Bob was working on Amy too. The team mentality was a con, and sweet Amy fell for it. She should have realized that although Vicki and Heba were behaving like this was high school, it wasn’t. She could have voted Vicki off and been done with her, not stuck the way one is in high school. She didn’t understand the true extent of her power at that moment, and she didn’t use it.

The thing that impressed me most about Michelle was her smiles. She kept smiling during the worst of it, despite being all alone with enemies all around. Except for Jill, who pushes people to look inside themselves and find their strength. So, yay Jill, too!

Norskie says:

Heba would have won the big one, but her close ties to Icky Vicky, (a.k.a. Elsa the she-pig bitch of the S.S.) is why the America voted her off and cost her $150,000.00. Cheers to Michelle and Jillian. I get
the feeling Bob is more a show boater and Jillian really cares about her team members making the change on the inside as well as the outside.

Hey Vicky……karma can be a real drag, that should be lesson her children learn from her.

jeff says:

Thank God Vicki, Heba, or Ed didn’t win the big prize. Its unfortunate that Heba won the $100,000 though. Because of her disgusting attitude on the show its virtually impossible to be happy for her. Thankfully someone who truly has an amazing attitude won. Congratulations to Michelle

Love Heba says:

You all need to be nice Heba she was the niceis one on the show

Michelle says:

Congratulations to Michelle, America loves you. Heba & Vickey, too bad that the only side you have is an ugly one. Heba loved the look on your face when America picked Ed, goes to show you that America saw your ugly side and would never of picked you. Vickey glad you didn’t win anything, you are a hateful and ugly person. Ed good luck, can’t understand how you could of picked such a mean spirited hateful person for a wife.

Lea Ann says:

Woooow Michelle!!!!!!! She is a role model for everyone thats ever felt alone but has gotten up and fixed it all in a matter of time she is a great person and deserved everything she worked so very hard for. As for Ed honey you deserve better……Heba i dont even know what to say ive been in aaawww all season long i agree with everybody and i think that they would agree with me wen i say that she is such a freakin drama queen she should have went on big brother or something like that she would have blended in a lot better!!!!!!!!!!

Sherry says:

Congratulations to all of the BL cast. Heba and Ed and all of the contestants did a WONDERFUL job and they ALL looked amazing. I do not understand why everyone gives Ed, Heba, Brady and Vickey such a hard time. Basically – they went to the ranch and worked hard and said what was on their minds and I guess people just can’t handle the truth. It is always best to let stuff out instead of holding it in. GREAT job to ALL and CONGRATULATIONS to Heba and Michelle for being the top 2 Biggest Loser’s.

Norskie says:

To the last poster. We are just speaking our minds about Vicky and Heba, the truth is that those two are coniving snakes with whipped husbands. Beside it’s best if we all just let it all out instead of holding it in anyway….right?

Heba and Vicky detester says:

I could not be happier that Michelle won. Vicky and Heba are really not very nice. I wouldn’t give them the time of day. Michelle was so sweet. Also, I think Bob isn’t as good as Jillian. If I were ever on the show, I’d want Jillian as my trainer.

Wisdom says:

There is a lot of negativity in this world. While I can understand the feelings that people have for the way Heba and Vicki acted on the show there is little gained from the vitriol that people are spewing on this blog. It is enough to say that the two of them acted very inappropriately and that it is sad that some people are so angry and misguided inside. It is short sighted of people to believe that they know anything about the two of them from a couple hours a week. Even so it is better to express positivity and a hope that they might learn something of themselves when they watch the way they appeared on the show. I too watched this show less this season because of the behavior of some contestants. I wish the best for everyone and am looking forward to a more positive message in the next season.

dhc says:

If Heba would watch the show, she would see why America voted 84% for Ed to her mere 16%. But then again, she is so arrogant she wouldn’t see it. I hate that she won anything but glad Vicki got NOTHING. Ed looked pretty upset that he was chosen over his wife the rest of the show. The look on Heba’s face when Michelle won and realizing she could have won it all if America had voted for her to compete was PRICELESS. She and Vicki were the worst competitors I’ve seen since watching Biggest Loser. The right person won. Michelle is a beautiful person inside and out.

Sherry says:

Oh well – I guess this is the very reason God made all of us different. So everyone would not have the same opinion. It is just sad that there is so much negativity in the world. CONGRATULATIONS again to ALL of the BL cast – past, present and future!!!! You ALL did a wonderful job and should be proud of how you have changed your lives. I know you all don’t, but just in case you do, don’t give a thought to all of the negative stuff put on any boards or posts anywhere. No one should judge someone they don’t even know. You cannot know someone just by watching them on tv for a couple of hours 1 day a week. We ALL have a good side and a bad side. I want to wish EVERYONE a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We are all Blessed.

Michelle says:

I love BL and I have been blogging about what has been going on with the show, the results at the finale and about the new contestants that will be on season 7. Come over and vote my polls & leave some comments :0)

CCBloom says:

I am thrilled that Michelle won. Pleased as punch. To the “mean girls” of the show. I’m GRATEFUL they were given the fruits of their labors. You give out crud and you’ll get it right back in your face. We saw that clearly, especially when America voted in a land slide for Ed, sending Heba a huge message, that the way they were playing was NOT okay. The awful foursome left a bad taste in my mouth about the show. If this is the way it’s heading, I’m done. LOVED Phillip and Amy’s success. They looked great and really got the raw end of the stick with the “nasties” on the show. Glad to see that the good guys won this year. Congrats.

Liz says:

I am so glad to see that there are many others that share my views. I am embarrassed to be from Raleigh with “the ones that shall not be named” living here. I am thrilled for Michelle. My only wish is that Amy and Phillip would have walked away with something. I feel for them. An experience that should have been enlightening in a positive way turned into a horrible one.

Penny says:

It was wonderful to see good triumph over evil this time. The BL needs to go back to the way they were picking contestants on Seasons 2, 3, and 4. I liked all of those people. At least on seasons 5 and 6 the viewers had a voice at the end. And both times we voted in the lesser of two evils. I love it!!

LordyGordy says:

“I think Bob isn’t as good as Jillian. If I were ever on the show, I’d want Jillian as my trainer.”

Has anyone noticed that JILLIAN’s trainees tend to WIN biggest loser? That’s right!!!!

moobie says:

will someone please tell me why Heba was not wearing a bra at the finale? Those puppies were hitting her waist! You lose all that weight, you have millions of people watching and that’s the best you could do? Amy looked great, so did Phil! All the girls looked great (except for dogface icky Vicky)…

Penny says:

Heba now (Dec. 22) says that she actually won, that the voters were the voted for her because “they may have thought I was a bigger threat” (no, heba, we just can’t stand a bullying witch like you), the producers portrayed her falsely, that everyone she meets is saying they love her, that Phil was sneaky while she was honest, and still does not admit any of her actions were wrong. Also, she feels better than if she were Michelle since Heba claims that 3 people actually beat Michelle. (her jealousy is so obvious, why can’t she be happy for Michelle who looks beautiful, won the 250K and has a great personality?)
she probably feels that the interview was rigged against her.
the interview is at :

Marie says:

Yes, I agree with Penny. I didn’t get to follow the show, but caught the episode where America was asked to vote for Heba or her husband. Just after watching that one show, I was compelled to call in and vote for Ed. Heba was so controlling and selfish- I mean, wouldn’t you want your husband to do well also? I wouldn’t be surprised if they get a divorce in a few years.

Susan says:

just read the Heba interview. This woman is in serious denial. She said that she really won the game because she had a bigger percentage loss. I am stunned that she would say that. Part of the game is to make it to the final three. Heba did not. She did not win the game, Michelle did. Heba has mental issues masked with “I get things done” rationalization. She’s crazy.

shirley says:

I love the Biggest Loser show. I hope they never have another Vicky and Heba again. They were the perfect example of why our world is so corrupt. I did not like either one of them and Vicky you need ot cut yyour hair Yuk Yuk you are ugly. Heba you are ugly just for befriending her,,,,,ugly ugly

Rosie says:

Heba~ What part of winning the biggest loser at home prize do you not realize? You won that because you were eliminated, and were the biggest loser at home. Now could that be because…. Maybe that you were sent packin… before the final three and the Finale? You were not one of the final three, America, the general public did not feel that you would represent the Biggest Loser if you won, so therefore you did not win the vote, your husband did, oh yeah, and by a landslide. He got 84% of the votes, which means that you went home so to speak. Now, with that money please either get a really good support bra or get a reduction on those girls… PLEEEEAAAASSSEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Yikes…..

HEBAS FANS!!!! says:

OMG! You ALL are sitting there, BEHIND A COMPUTER, hoping heba reads these comments, being rude and saying cruel things and.. really, what is the difference between ALL OF YOU, and her? Oh, thats right, she was SPEAKING HER MIND behind a CAMERA FOR ALL U PEOPLE TO HEAR/WATCH.. where as you are behind an computer! GET A LIFE! seriously, Heba did an AMAZING job, she looks GREAT! Most of you people are probably FAT and ANGRY because of the fact she got thin so fast, which getting thin fast, that ALWAYS happens on BL.. what show do you all usually watch?? :S Dont judge heba, vicky or anyone else by what you see on TV.. We met Heba after the finale, and let me tell you guys somethin.. SHE DESERVED EVERY DAMN PENNY SHE EARNED.. no matter what you say, or do, nothing can take that away from her!! Heba is amazing and a very sweet girl, and one of our rolemodles and she is a GOOD ONE!!!! I KNOW because – I MET HER – TALKED TO HER AND GOT TO KNOW THE REAL 100% HER… U GUYS just watch her ON TV!! You fans are the TRUE losers, , and fat cows, and everything else u just called Heba!!! “SHAME ON YOU?” – Shame on ‘YOU’ fans!

Bubba says:

This is addressed to HEBAS FANS!!!! (aka HEBA). Nice try!

You did a great job losing that weight, as did everyone on the show. We must give you credit for that. But, you showed yourself to be someone most of us would not want as a friend. Did you forget the public’s vote where we had a landslide to have you eliminated? Have you ever evaluated that in an HONEST way?

On second thought, you might be Ed and not Heba… Of course if you are Ed, you’re likely taking orders from her.

Have a nice day.

Bubba says:

How it must grind Vicky, Heba, Ed and Brady that America’s sweetheart, Michelle, won…. and, at the same time, how happy the rest of us are.

ps… we hope you maintain your weight loss.

Bubba says:

I just saw an interview with one of the contestants from the just-finished season who stated emphatically that Vicky and Heba were accurately portrayed in the show. Any lip from V and H to the contrary seems to be wishful thinking.

HEBAS FANS!!!! says:

THATS SO FUNNY. We’re not heba or ed. If we were heba or ed, we would be posting as heba or ed, not FANS! we just love heba and we need to stick up for her since no one else seems to be. 🙁 what about the people out there that look up to heba and like her? we are those people, and we dont like hearing all the heba bashing, is all. we really did meet heba, and talked to her for a long time, she is really nice. you guys just only see what the producers let you see. so did we, but we never judged heba or vicky or brady or ed, because its OBVIOUS the producers are editing their show that way, to make drama, and to make the show more interesting. i bet you the other people on the show were like that too, they just dont let us FANS see it. We’re not heba, ed, vicky, brady or anyone that has anything to do with that show. lol. atleast u were nice about it though.

bill says:

TO HEBA FANS: quit sticking up for Heba, if she reads these, she probably does not appriciate it anyway, you are nice for being one of the few fans she has, but she probably doesnt appriciate any fans she has. She seems to be very hormonal. I feel bad for you for even speaking up for her. She doesnt need ANY fans but since (suprisingly) she has a few, why don’t you kids (im guessing late teens by the typing) look up to anyone else from a different season. Heba is not a very good rolemodel.

Smanticus says:

You know, reading all these comments, I’m really heartened. I was beginning to think I would have to raise my children in a world that didn’t care enough about TV. But you’ve all proven me wrong. I see now that there are plenty of Good Americans out there who are still willing to take their heart and soul–their feelings and passions–and invest them in reality shows filled with people they don’t personally know; and that this passion is so deep and so overwhelming that they are compelled to either jump to the defense of or spew bile and venom at these people on an anonymous message board–people who, I must say again, are COMPLETE STRANGERS but who they nonetheless believe they “know”–in the same way all people who obsess over the lives of celebrities in tabloid newspapers and then turn around and complain about paparazzi “know” the celebrities they obsess over.

Thank you all for renewing my faith in the fundamental intelligence and common sense of the average human being. My children need to understand that there are priorities in life, but I can’t do it alone. So keep watching TV! Don’t ever lose your PASSION!

Biggest Loser Fan!! says:

Just wanted everyone to know that I had lunch today with Ed & Heba at a local elementary school. They are really nice people in the real world and I hope they continue to succeed in all there ventures!!

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