Jillian Michaels Announces Return to Biggest Loser With a Big Twist [VIDEO]

Jillian Michaels appeared on the TODAY Show this morning to make a big announcement concerning her relationship with America’s favorite weight loss show, The Biggest Loser. The top trainer was excited to share that she will be returning to the show for the next season in January, but the contestants won’t be who you may suspect.

“The show has chosen to take on something very controversial,” Michaels told TODAY. “They’re going to go after childhood obesity.”

At what seems the height of our nation’s childhood obesity epidemic, perhaps the most recognized weight loss show ever has decided to step in and help battle the bulge. Michaels explained that there will be three teens on each team ages 13-17, however, unlike the original show’s format they’re not going to be on the ranch and they won’t be competing.

Because weight loss for children can be a touchy subject and Michaels is not the most delicate of trainers, some are concerned that the show may end up taking the issue too far. But Michaels assured that it’s something she and the show’s producers recognize needs to be handled with care. The bottom line is, she stressed, childhood obesity needs to be addressed.

To ensure they’re approaching childhood weight loss professionally, sensitively and effectively, the Biggest Loser has reportedly already consulted experts and child psychologists to equip the trainers to coach the children in positive and healthy ways. Instead of focusing on a number, they’ll be equipping the teens with healthy habits that will last them a lifetime.

Michaels explained that instead of asking questions regarding their weight, they will be focusing instead on simply getting the kids healthy. This means the famous Biggest Loser scale will be nowhere in sight. Instead, Michaels and her team will encourage the kids to get active and involved where they are, whether it be joining a school sports team or community recreational organization.

Michaels, who became a mother of two just this year and who was formerly an overweight child herself, says returning to the show to help kids get healthy is something she’s extremely passionate about. This explains why when asked to come back aboard the show after leaving just last May, Michaels replied with a resounding yes. She told TODAY, “I couldn’t miss an opportunity to be a part of it.”

The show will kick off in January, a time when most Americans will be resvoling to lose weight and get more active. Michaels explained that launching the newly-designed show at the beginning of the year is a great way to capitalize on the momentum of a new year. Additionally, she said The Biggest Loser feels it has reached such a huge level of success that it now desires to make an impact on childhood obesity as it’s become such a severe and concerning problem in our nation.

Per usual, the show will only be taking on a small group of participants at a time. But for parents who may have kids that are struggling with their weight or their health, Michaels encourages them in this way: “You are your child’s primary role model. Get out there and be active with your child…Lead by example.”

Fans of the show are likely as excited as our team at Diets in Review is to see Michaels’ return to the show. Her iron will and sheer ferocity are simply unmatchable when it comes to inspiring contestants and viewers alike toward making positive changes in their lives. We’ll be sure to follow any additional announcements regarding the show and look forward to season’s start in January.

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