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weight watchers lose for goodThe World Health Organization cites that there are an estimated 1.6 billion overweight people worldwide and at least 20 million under the age of 5 are obese. On the flip-side, one billion people around the world are hungry and every day, almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes.

Weight Watchers is doing its part in this dual battle with its Lose for Good program.

The second annual Lose for Good Program launched August 30 and runs through October 17, 2024. The Lose for Good program is a Weight Watchers’ initiative that addresses two global health needs: Obesity and malnutrition.

As you and other Weight Watchers members lose weight during this time, the brand will donate up to $1 million to their charitable partners Action Against Hunger, an international network to prevent hunger, and Share Our Strength, an organization that seeks to end hunger in America. For every pound of weight lost by a member, Weight Watchers will donate the cost of one pound of food up to one million dollars to these two organizations. In addition, local Weight Watchers chapters and members will organize their own food drives where anyone can donate non-perishable foods for those who need it.

successful dieterHere are some last year’s successes:

You can join the fight against world hunger and also overcome your own dieting struggles by joining Weight Watchers. Consider that just a 5- or 10-pound dip on your scale will help provide nutritious food to a hungry family and will give a boost to your own health by lowering your blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels, and minimizing your risk of other weight-related diseases.

The Lose for Good program is bringing new meaning to the adage: Think Globally. Act Locally. Weight Watchers is encouraging everyone to participate by donating food to Lose for Good organized drives in your area, even if you’re not a member.

Your (weight) loss is truly someone else’s gain.

To find out more about this program, visit the Weight Watcher’s website and see Weight Watchers member and health advocate Jenny McCarthy inspire others to join the fight on hunger.

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