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Jenny McCarthy Comes Clean on Dr. Oz

Tune in on October 15 as Dr. Oz sits down with Jenny McCarthy to talk about her worst health habits. She confesses about her past weight problem and drug addictions, as well as her worst current habit of smoking cigarettes. McCarthy dishes on her energy-boosting secret and how she lost her baby weight. Can Dr. Oz encourage her to come clean and kick her unhealthy habits?

McCarthy began her career as a Playboy model, later turning to roles in movies and television. She became a vocal activist for autism research after her son was diagnosed, claiming that childhood MMR vaccinations caused his disease. She has written several books on the subject of pregnancy, motherhood, and autism, with six books becoming New York Times bestsellers. Her newest book, Bad Habits, chronicles her journey from a devoutly Catholic childhood to her faith today. (more…)

Jenny McCarthy Credits her Playboy Body to a Clean Diet, Yoga and Lots of Great Sex

At the age of 39, actress and former comedian Jenny McCarthy has done it again: she’s gracing the cover of Playboy Magazine just months before her 40th birthday.

While some will never be fans of this style of modeling, we must admit McCarthy has managed to keep her body in amazing shape for decades, even after having a son, Evan, who is now 10 years old. This will be the star’s seventh time posing nude for the popular magazine, and she’s glad she did it.

“I’m really proud of it,” McCarthy told People Magazine. “The pictures are really gorgeous and classy. They could be out of W magazine…It’s probably a lot more sophisticated than lot of the stuff you’d see of people with their clothes on.”

One of the things McCarthy loves most about Playboy Magazine is that they don’t promote that “anorexic look” so many of the models have today. “The women are voluptuous,” she said. “So I really didn’t want to diet [for the cover]. I Just wanted to tone up.” (more…)

Celebrities as Health Experts? A Recipe for Disaster

We love our celebrities in America. We love to read about their lives, follow their fashion trends, even know what exercises they follow to get those red-carpet bodies. If our adoration stopped there, we’d probably be OK. However, it’s been highlighted lately how celebrities are impacting our views about medicine and health. In some cases, this impact could be resulting in dangerous outcomes.

Dr. Anthony Youn is a plastic surgeon in Detroit. He recently shared his views in regards to how celebrities are overstepping their bounds as they attempt to be health advocates.

For years it’s been a common sight to see a celebrity endorse a product. Larry King promoted Garlique, the garlic supplement designed to help those with high cholesterol. More recently Lisa Rinna endorsed Depends as she wore them on the red carpet for charity.

Youn pointed out that other celebrities have taken their advocacy further than product promotion. For example, Michael J. Fox has done incredible things for the research of Parkinson Disease. Or as Youn asked, “who hasn’t worn a yellow Livestrong Bracelet promoted by Lance Armstrong as a way to help fund cancer studies?” (more…)

Celebs Go Gluten Free, but is it a Fad or for Health?

Going gluten-free is a huge trend right now with tons of gluten-free products on the market and numerous celebrities trying it. While gluten insensitivity does seem to be on the rise with an estimated 20 million sufferers, the National Institutes of Health report that 3 million Americans have celiac disease. But is going gluten-free really necessary? And is it good for overall health or is it just a way to lose weight because it’s such a restrictive diet?

We recently spoke to Jasmine Jafferali, MPH, ACE-CPT, Lifestyle and Wellness Consultant Specializing in Gluten Free Living and Women’s Health, and Co-Manager for Gluten Intolerance Group of Greater Chicago about the pros and cons of this new way of eating. She says that while going gluten-free is costly and can have quite the learning curve (gluten is in so many things!), the benefits are enormous including finding relief from the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, rhuematoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome and even infertility. Not to mention that eating a diet without gluten in it can be incredibly nutritious in that most gluten-free foods are nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables and proteins.


Diet Tips from the Stars

Jennifer AnistonHow do celebrities stay looking so great all the time? Part of it is genetics, but part of it is just staying dedicated to healthy eating and regular workouts. Here are some great tips on losing weight from your favorite celebrities.

Jennifer Aniston

“I do some cardio for at least 20 minutes a day,” says Aniston. “Even that short burst  makes a difference.” She also says that white peaches are her favorite healthy snack.

Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo does an occasional cleanse. “I don’t recommend it all the time,” she says. “But if you do a balanced one…you can lose some poundage fast.”


Tune In: Jillian Michaels with Biggest Loser Winners Helen Phillips and Ali Vincent on Rachael Ray Premiere

rachael ray block partyThis Monday, September 14 marks the season premiere of the Rachael Ray Show. As she kicks off season four with Rach’s Big Block Party in Chi-town, she will also welcome fitness guru, Jillian Michaels and Biggest Loser winners Helen Phillips and Ali Vincent.

Tune in this Monday to watch Rachael boost her heart rate with Jillian as they bounce on a massive trampoline and also encourage the younger audience members to jump aboard and get in a workout. And listen to Helen and Ali as they share with Rachael how they are managing to keep their weight off and stay healthy. (more…)

Join Weight Watchers to Lose For Good

weight watchers lose for goodThe World Health Organization cites that there are an estimated 1.6 billion overweight people worldwide and at least 20 million under the age of 5 are obese. On the flip-side, one billion people around the world are hungry and every day, almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes.

Weight Watchers is doing its part in this dual battle with its Lose for Good program.

The second annual Lose for Good Program launched August 30 and runs through October 17, 2024. The Lose for Good program is a Weight Watchers’ initiative that addresses two global health needs: Obesity and malnutrition. (more…)

Jenny McCarthy’s Give It Up Before Summer Challenge

You may know her as a former host of MTV, Jim Carrey’s girlfriend, staunch advocate for autism awareness, or a Weight Watcher’s spokesperson. Jenny McCarthy, a comedian, actress, author and activist who now regularly sits next to Oprah on the Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss current events, has launched her Give It Up Before Summer challenge which she  chronicles on Oprah.com.

Jenny McCarthy giving up sugar. Photo courtesy of Oprah.com

Jenny McCarthy giving up sugar. (via Oprah.com)

So exactly what is Jenny giving up? Sugar and eating past 7 p.m. And she’s blogging and twittering all about it. As a self-professed sugar addict, Jenny is nixing the sweet stuff just for 30 days and encouraging other readers to give up a vice of their own choice, be it chocolate, gossiping, or coffee and share with others how awesomely well or how devastatingly bad they are sticking to their Give It Up Before Summer challenge. (more…)