LifeKraze App Provides Incentives For All of Life’s Good Decisions

Feeling out of whack? Are your best intentions not paying off? Have you been putting off all the things you said you wanted to do for another day? Maybe you should check out LifeKraze, a program that might just be the motivation you need to get things back on track. LifeKraze is not just another fitness mobile app, it’s a place to start making everything count.

Jay Kelley, president of LifeKraze, shared more about their exciting program.

“LifeKraze, which has both an online platform and an iPhone app, would be classified more broadly than a ‘fitness app.’ Although many people are using LifeKraze to share their runs, their healthy eating decisions and their weight loss, we provide a community and a points/rewards system that individuals can (and do) use for a much wider range of accomplishments.”

Simply put, LifeKraze encourages users to input any good choice they made as their status. Whether it’s working out or simply finishing a long-abandoned project, all good choices are encouraged on this social site. The user then receives points that can be redeemed as discounts toward many products. In addition to the points, users also receive the support and cheering squad of those in the LifeKraze community.

The rewards system is very appealing, but Kelley will tell you the support may be the best element of LifeKraze.

“The rewards are definitely one of our most distinctive features, and they are certainly key in drawing people to the site initially,” he said. “However, what we’ve heard again and again is that the positive reinforcement and encouragement from the community is the most addictive part of being a LifeKraze member. We like to say that the prizes get people here, but the positive community keeps people here.”

Again, LifeKraze feels that it’s the community that sets them apart. They are seeing people achieve goals through the support of the network, something many applications can’t provide.

“People often compare us with tracking applications like Nike+, RunKeeper, Fitocracy, but we don’t see them as rivals—we encourage our community to use these and other tools to keep up with their daily progress. Those components segue naturally into LifeKraze because people come to us when they 1) hit a big goal, 2) want to be rewarded for hitting their goals, and 3) are interested in the human interaction aspect of someone seeing what they’re doing and providing encouragement. So in the end, LifeKraze is there to provide that essential community support, without which most people struggle to achieve challenging goals,” said Kelley.

Just some of the accomplishments Kelley has seen from LifeKraze members include a woman who went from not being able to walk around the block to running her first half marathon. Another member lost 200 pounds in just more than a year. Others have taken different routes by finishing projects, quitting smoking, or even taking up volunteering.

This intriguing program was set up by three college soccer players who wanted a way to get the same kind of team support they found on the field in other areas of their life. Clearly, this is a much-needed element in the ladder to victory.

If you’re needing a team to back you up in your health goals or even just your personal goals, sign up – it’s free after all! Make your choices known and make them count. LifeKraze wants to be the team cheering you on from the sidelines.

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