Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s Abs Taking Over the Fitness World

You may know Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from MTV’s reality show, The Jersey Shore. What you might not know is that his financial empire is growing. Given his beginnings as a personal trainer, it’s not surprising that his fame has shifted to the fitness industry and beyond.

Sorrentino is expected to make $5 million in endorsements and other financial ventures by the end of the year. The Situation Ab Workout is his DVD scheduled for release this winter. A lot of us are excited to start reading those reviews and finding out the secret to Situation-abs. Sorrentino’s abs seem to get more publicity than he does, so it’s only natural that they start making some money.

The Situation is also a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. Although he hasn’t been known for earning the highest scores, he’s hanging in there and so far hasn’t been sent home.

Like everyone else, The Situation also has an iPhone App which includes a GTL (gyms, tanning and laundry) finder, workout routines and an infamous game which takes after the code name the boys on The Jersey Shore give to not-so-attractive women. Charming.

The game, Grenade Dodger, has caused a bit of unrest. The user plays as The Situation and the object of the game is to dodge grenades (unattractive women in Shore lingo) that fall from the sky. The game itself sounds funny, but not tasteful. Issues arose when distraught women started coming forward, revealing themselves to be the real-life subjects of Sorrentino’s game. Photographers were told to take photos of unattractive women at a nightclub. The women knew they were being photographed but they were unaware the photos would be used in such a degrading manner. The girls are now considering their legal options.

Sorrentino might possess some valuable knowledge in the fitness world, but it sounds like what he needs is to learn a little bit about the law – not to mention common courtesy. I think there’s an app for that.

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