Monica Geller’s Weight Loss Transformation Inspires 20 Years Later

monica geller weight loss

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the premiere of Friends — what I’ll be bold enough to call the quintessential TV show of the ’90s and early ’00s. I still quote it regularly and find ways to insert the nuisances of one of the best television comedies into my daily life. The fact that this anniversary is such a big deal proves I’m not alone!

“Fat Monica,” played by Courtney Cox, was the character brought to life to illustrate Monica Geller’s back story. Once an overweight teen with a serious junk food affection, present-day Monica was a fit and trim chef who found a different way to love food. So today, 20 years after this TV darling clapped its hands into our lives, we celebrate one of the most entertaining #TransformationTuesday successes around.

I always enjoyed Fat Monica’s cameos — she was vivacious and completely comfortable in her skin. She loved life in the body she had. But at some point, she made the decision to just be Monica and changed her lifestyle. Those flashback episodes were some of their best work… we just wish we’d gotten to see more of her progress!

Monica always had a weakness for sweets, but she knew her vice and usually skipped them. She traded one obsession — food — for another — cleanliness. They say that’s how it works, you typically trade one addiction for another. I’ve since traded my Friends addiction for binging on Orange is the New Black.

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