Nicole Sullivan Named New Jenny Craig Spokesperson

nicole sullivan jenny craigActress Nicole Sullivan joins fellow dieters Valerie Bertinelli and Phylicia Rashad as devotees of Jenny Craig, the successful weight loss program that has helped millions of women lose weight.

The actress, who is known for her roles on Lifetime’s Rita Rocks, the sketch comedy series, MADtv and other sitcoms like Scrubs and The King of Queens, is determined to lose the 35 pounds she gained while pregnant with her second son. The actress gave birth six weeks ago and will spend the next few months working hard on the Jenny Craig food and exercise plan to lose the baby weight she put on her petite 5′ 5″ frame.

“You spend a year of your life eating what you want and enjoying letting the baby have what it feels like having — and I’[ve] lost track of what I’m supposed to be doing that’s right,” Sullivan tells People magazine.

With the constant support of Jenny Craig counselors, pre-portioned and calorie-controlled meals and the constant cameras who will be snapping nearly every pound of her weight loss, Sullivan has all of the pieces in place for a successful weight loss journey.

Sullivan’s reasons for getting in shape are just like the rest of millions of moms who are eager to lose the baby weight:

“I want to put my jeans on and have my jeans look cute.”

And on a less image-focused level, Sullivan also wants to feel young again. She discredits the extra weight she is carrying around to her feeling older and less willing to be active.

Sullivan is not that far off either: Carrying around extra weight is associated with early onset of age-related conditions like diabetes, and when you’re not feeling great about yourself, digging up the motivation to take a jog with your partner or hit the beach with your kids is all but nonexistent.

But for a new-mom, it is important to keep weight loss at a safe pace and allow time for the body to replenish itself. Given Sullivan’s post-pregnant state, it is likely that Jenny Craig will pay special attention to her unique nutritional needs and physical abilities.

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