Ruby’s Diary: Reflections on All I’ve Lost and Gained

rubys diaryRuby Gettinger, the star of Style Network’s hit reality show Ruby, will release her own personal diary of her inspiring journey to overcome morbid obesity.

For those of you who love Ruby, she’s releasing Ruby’s Diary September 8, 2022; and it’s a must for any fan! Filled with deeply personal thoughts, fears and insights, many of which were never revealed on camera, this memoir chronicles her journey up to her current weight loss status, about 150 pounds. Ruby’s Diary simply started out as just that: her own private diary. But as her weight loss journey has cascaded into a story of inspiration and commitment, yet also challenge and difficulty, she decided to share her thoughts and emotions with others.

With chapters like, Ups and Downs, Cravings, Southern Hospitality and Charm, Missing More Than Just Food and Tired of Weighting, Ruby’s Diary discusses the comforts of being obese, the foods she misses most, her favorite meal makeovers, her workouts and a cost-conscious seven-day meal plan which was created by her own dietitian, Kate Melei.

But Ruby’s Diary is more than just food, weight loss and exercise. It’s about Ruby trying to take ownership for her life, assuming responsibility for her past and connecting the pieces of her childhood to the person she is today. Ruby’s Diary is not just for the dieting audience. Rather, this book is meant to inspire anyone who is finding their way through a personal obstacle, whether it’s a food addiction, a substance abuse problem or a relationship issue.

Watch for Ruby’s tour dates as she travels all around the country promoting her new book, available for pre-order now.

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