Snooki Opens Up About Her Anorexia

Although Snooki has publicized her weight drop while following the Snooki in High Schoolcookie diet, she admits that her weight was once dangerously low. The Jersey Shore star is on the cover of the most recent edition of OK! magazine. In the cover story, she discusses the pressure she faced to be thin as a cheerleader and how she suffered from anorexia in high school.

“It started when I was a junior,” she said. “The reason I did it is because I was very self-conscious about cheer leading…There were these little freshman girls, and I was scared that these little freshman girls were going to take my spot.”

Snooki said that she started eating less, and picking low-calorie foods. “I just started eating salads and salads.” She started skipping meals. “Then I got to a point where I was just eating a cracker a day.”  Her weight dropped dramatically. “I was down to 80 pounds. I almost died.”

It’s been reported that Snooki, who is four-foot-nine, wants to get down to 85 pounds. That’s the lowest possible weight for someone of her height to maintain a healthy BMI, so we hope she doesn’t go any lower.

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