The Big Weight Loss Pay Off: Find What’s in it For You

Whenever you venture into a healthy lifestyle journey, it’s important to establish what will feel like you’re winning. Being really specific and clear on what you would like to do when you get healthy will inspire you along the way when you feel like giving up.

Some questions to consider as you look ahead include:

How do you want to live your life?

What kind of new activities will you get involved in?

Will you present yourself differently? A new look perhaps?

Will you make a career change?

Spend more time with your family? Make a family of your own?

Picturing yourself in the life that you dream of is important and acknowledging all the steps you are taking to make it a reality is priceless.

There will be prices along the way and I find it makes it easier to pay them when I know why I’m choosing what I’m choosing. Yes there are the obvious pay offs from living a healthier life like living longer, having more energy, and being in top physical shape. Those all, however, are very generic, so personalizing with specifics will get you to where you want to go faster. Until we can see ourselves in the end result it will continue to remain out of reach.

This week on Live Big With Ali Vincent I take you along as I share some of the pay offs with a couple of my favorite Live Big guests. When I first met Sharon Carmona she pushed herself so far in that very first workout I knew she was going to take on this new lifestyle with everything she had. After a strenuous treadmill workout she shared with me that she hoped to one day feel comfortable in a LBD, yes that’s code for little black dress. Now more than 100 pounds and a full marathon later, I take Sharon shopping to find the perfect one.

Then I catch up with the Martinez family in true Live Big fashion for a family bike ride during the LA CicLAvia. The Martinez family has truly jumped in to creating a new healthy family environment that supports each other in living big. CicLAvia is an event where the streets of downtown LA are shut down for thousands of cyclist to ride to the beach. Check out where I take the Martinezes to for lunch, you’ll be just as surprised as they were.

The pay off is different for everyone, so give yourself the gift of figuring out what yours is so that you can find your way to it!

Until next week,

Ali xo

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