The Doctors Get to the Naked Truth about Food

On September 17 The Doctors took an exposing look at the science behind “food porn.”

Travis Stork explains that when you see a delicious piece of food, the pleasure center in your brain is activated with dopamine, and you get excited by this supernormal stimuli. What to do about this bad habit? Pick better food porn. Instead of a big piece of fruit pie, get excited by dark-chocolate covered strawberries, for example.

The doctors also discuss whether your food is better naked or dressed. They show how easy food swaps can be just as delicious as the fully dressed dish, like chicken marsala with a whopping 973 calories and 37 grams of fat, versus chicken with mushrooms and marinara sauce at 190 calories and 0 grams of fat.

They move on to salad dressings and how to pick the right one. Many salad dressings are very high in fat and high in calories, but they don’t have to be boring to be healthy. One good choice is an oil and balsamic vinegar blend, especially one with flavored balsamic.

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