The Hottest Celebrity Abs and Their Winning Workouts and Diets

Now that summer’s over, it’s time for a recap of this year’s hottest abs. These stars spill the favorite workout and diet tips they live by on a daily basis.

The Workout

We found that a majority of them were doing was some sort of weight resistance training. Why is this such a popular choice? It’s pretty simple actually. The more muscle the body has, the more fat it burns. And I don’t mean JUST during the workout either. After a good and hard weight resistance training session, the body will continue to burn calories hours after the workout is complete. (A great weight resistance exercise that hits the abdominals at the same time is heavy squat lifting.)

Something that may come as a shock to some of you is that only three of these stars admitted to incorporating specific cardio workouts into their plans. A lot of people make the mistake of either practicing only cardio or too much. Performing too much cardio puts the body into a state where it eventually begins to burn muscle. Due to the statement above, losing muscle is NOT something any of these celebrities feels like doing.

We also found that for those who involve outdoor activities in their weekly workouts are incorporating multiple forms so they’re getting a well rounded dose of exercise for the entire body. For example, if they were to only cycle, they’d get a killer leg workout but it’s also great to add in something like surfing because it requires full body endurance and excellent balance strength.

The Diet

When comparing the diets of the only two females who made the list, they had something very important in common. Both Megan and Jessica stick to an eating schedule. They’re eating the regular three (small) main meals a day with (small) snacks in between each one. The strategy is to keep the metabolism going. Think of your body as a funnel: it can only hold so much substance at one time, but it doesn’t take long for it to reach the bottom. When your body hasn’t eaten for three or more hours, it’s ready to be fed again because it’s finished absorbing what you last gave it. If it’s not fed, the body naturally goes into fat storage mode. This is why so many people don’t understand why they’re not losing weight even though they’re only eating once or twice a day.

As for the guys and their diets, it seems they’re focused on lean proteins, whole grains and veggies. This shouldn’t be any different for women. Looks like in this situation, it’s both quality AND quantity that matter.

The Supplements

Another great topic Megan touched on was how, despite her crazy schedule, she tries to keep up with her good eating habits. She admitted to taking fish oil supplements in order to make sure she’s still getting in her essential fats for the day. Yes, your body NEEDS fats… but the good kind. These may include things like peanut butter, natural oils, and avocado. A lot of women don’t get enough fat each day, which is why taking a simple pill like the fish oil supplement is a great solution.

In conclusion, these celebrity secrets aren’t really that much of a secret. They’re consistent with their workouts and they pay a decent amount of attention to their diet. None of them admitted to sitting on the floor for hours at a time doing hundreds of crunches. It’s an overall balance of consistency that does the trick.

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