The Pros and Cons of Anthony Hopkins’ Diet

Anthony Hopkins is in his early 70’s and proving anyone who ever said, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” completely wrong. Hopkins enlisted the help of his wife, Stella Arroyave, to give his lifestyle a complete fitness-makeover. That was two years and 75 pounds ago.

So, how does he do it?  He leads an active life and eats small amounts of nutritious food. It’s also been speculated that he’s a vegetarian. It may sound simple and old-fashioned but the fact is, it works! Gone are the days of his addiction to fatty foods. He’s no longer hooked on carbs such as cookies and bread and Hopkins religiously goes to the gym six days a week and only consumes 800 calories a day.

Back up for a moment. This nearly 73-year-old man goes to the gym six days a weeks and power walks on top of that? My instinct here is that he sounds too active to be living on only 800 calories a day. A certain amount of calories is necessary to maintain the functionality of your brain and body. Severely low-calorie diets can be dangerous. According to an estimation on My Pyramid, Hopkins should consume closer to 2200 calories a day. It’s worth noting that many studies point to the conclusion that our food pyramid recommends far too many calories. Restricted calorie diets have many perks, but going overboard is simply careless. I suppose it’s all up for debate.

In recent years, there’s actually been a lot of whispered worries over this extreme drop in his weight. Some argue he looks frail, weak, vulnerable and unhealthy. Hopkins admits he lost too much, and is grateful that he’s gained a little of it back. He reiterates that he feels better than ever, and is the healthiest he’s ever been.

I’d like to see him add a few more calories to his day but Hopkins has, essentially, re-trained himself to live a healthier life, so good for him- at least he’s trying.

What do you think about Anthony Hopkins only consuming 800 calories a day?

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cordell abernathy says:

im going to begin his regimen today!He’s inspirational!

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