Use Mantras for Motivation

Are you the type of person who needs someone to light a firecracker under your derriere to get you moving? If you are part of the procrastinators club, the following mantras will help to null and void your membership. Find one that resonates with you and repeat it several times a day, to yourself or out loud.

“I am appreciated”

A lot of times we don’t feel like doing something because we fear no one will care, or acknowledge our effort. When you believe you are of value, you will have more of an inclination to follow through and get the job done.

“I do good work”

Sometimes we run away from tasks and chores because we dread criticism by others. Drop the fear of being judged and do the best you can. Believe in your heart that you are doing great and it will reflect in your work.

“I believe in my job”

Whatever your job may be, take a personal interest in it. When you take a personal interest in your work, it will have more significance for you, thus sparking the firecracker that gets you moving.

“I use time wisely”

Have you ever wasted time worrying that you don’t have enough of it? Use every second to your advantage. Resist the procrastinator’s addiction of waiting until the last minute. Instead plan ahead, organize and get it done.

“I am open to learning new skills”

Many people will put something off because they are ashamed to admit or afraid that they might not have the ability to do it. Forget about your lack of skills for a moment and embrace all the wonderful things you will learn on the journey. Expand your horizons and be open to learn something new. Give it a try.

“I can accept making a mistake”

Perfectionists are often procrastinators because heaven forbid they make a mistake. The mantra “if you can’t do something right, why do it at all” does not exist, so quit telling yourself that. Mistakes build character and they are wonderful opportunities to see things with a fresh and inspired perspective. When you can look at something through a new set of eyes, a new world opens up. What could be more motivating that that?

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