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Mantras for Successful Dieting and Weight Loss

Dieting during the holidays can be torture, especially when you would rather be wolfing down delectable homemade goodies like fudge and eggnog without abandon. But, that is not how you are going to shed those extra pounds and fit into your favorite skinny party dress. For the best results, you must exercise some self-control along with your daily exercise routine and resist giving up at all costs; especially during this time of year when the lures of diet sabotaging treats are the strongest.

The following mantras will help you say no to high calorie Christmas cookies and say yes to your sleek and sinewy physique. Practice these mantras daily, or anytime you feel tempted by forbidden holiday foods.


The phrase “fake it ‘till you make it” means that whatever you tell yourself you’ll soon believe it. Tell yourself you are in full control and before you know it passing on the whipped cream will be a piece of cake.


Use Mantras for Motivation

Are you the type of person who needs someone to light a firecracker under your derriere to get you moving? If you are part of the procrastinators club, the following mantras will help to null and void your membership. Find one that resonates with you and repeat it several times a day, to yourself or out loud.

“I am appreciated”

A lot of times we don’t feel like doing something because we fear no one will care, or acknowledge our effort. When you believe you are of value, you will have more of an inclination to follow through and get the job done.

“I do good work”

Sometimes we run away from tasks and chores because we dread criticism by others. Drop the fear of being judged and do the best you can. Believe in your heart that you are doing great and it will reflect in your work.


Mantras to Boost Your Mood

A mantra is a repeated word or group of words believed to have the ability to create a change due to the power of their specific vibrational qualities. The use of mantras originated in Vedic philosophy, which is a predecessor of Hinduism, to enhance the spiritual experience. A classic example is the mantra Om, which is used to invoke a connection with the body, the mind, and the soul, to the universe.

Today in America, mantras are used for just about anything and can be made up of just about any words. While you can practice reciting mantras traditionally with Sanskrit or Hindu words such as Om, any word or group of words will work as long as you fully believe in the power of change they instill.

To gain a boost in your self-esteem, mood or attitude, choose all or one of the following mantras. Be sure to pick a mantra that you resonate with, as this will make it a lot easier to trust in a positive outcome. If none of these mantras are of interest to you, make one up! Repeat your mantra silently in your mind or out loud several times a day and take note of the changes that occur.