Mantras for Successful Dieting and Weight Loss

Dieting during the holidays can be torture, especially when you would rather be wolfing down delectable homemade goodies like fudge and eggnog without abandon. But, that is not how you are going to shed those extra pounds and fit into your favorite skinny party dress. For the best results, you must exercise some self-control along with your daily exercise routine and resist giving up at all costs; especially during this time of year when the lures of diet sabotaging treats are the strongest.

The following mantras will help you say no to high calorie Christmas cookies and say yes to your sleek and sinewy physique. Practice these mantras daily, or anytime you feel tempted by forbidden holiday foods.


The phrase “fake it ‘till you make it” means that whatever you tell yourself you’ll soon believe it. Tell yourself you are in full control and before you know it passing on the whipped cream will be a piece of cake.


This mantra packs a punch because it has two meanings. First of all, you can use it after eating a healthy meal to help you resist having a second helping or indulging in dessert. Second, use this mantra to tell yourself you have had enough of your expanding waistline and you are ready to cinch up your belt and be done with carrying around extra weight.


Losing weight takes time. The temptation to give up when you don’t think your efforts are making a difference on the scale or by the way your clothes are fitting can be the very thing that halts your success. Practice patience, because we all know Rome wasn’t built in a day. Besides, it may have taken you years to put on the weight. What makes you think you can lose it in a day?


It is not uncommon to feel that reaching your dream weight is as far fetched of an idea as co-staring in a romantic comedy with George Clooney. Many simply believe it is a dream that is out of reach, granted only to the chosen few who seem to have it all. You must stop telling yourself “It can’t happen to me” and wake up to the fact that you too can make your dreams come true. Why? Because you deserve it!

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