Mantras to Boost Your Mood

A mantra is a repeated word or group of words believed to have the ability to create a change due to the power of their specific vibrational qualities. The use of mantras originated in Vedic philosophy, which is a predecessor of Hinduism, to enhance the spiritual experience. A classic example is the mantra Om, which is used to invoke a connection with the body, the mind, and the soul, to the universe.

Today in America, mantras are used for just about anything and can be made up of just about any words. While you can practice reciting mantras traditionally with Sanskrit or Hindu words such as Om, any word or group of words will work as long as you fully believe in the power of change they instill.

To gain a boost in your self-esteem, mood or attitude, choose all or one of the following mantras. Be sure to pick a mantra that you resonate with, as this will make it a lot easier to trust in a positive outcome. If none of these mantras are of interest to you, make one up! Repeat your mantra silently in your mind or out loud several times a day and take note of the changes that occur.


When repeating this mantra, imagine you are surrounded by feelings of compassion, acceptance and unconditional love for yourself. When you are having a less than perfect day, remind yourself that all you need is love. Feel it permeate your being and fill your heart with confidence and delight.


Shedding some light on dark moments in life can lift your mood in a hurry. When you repeat this mantra, visualize particles of light scrubbing away the dank and dreary shadows that can drag you down and make you feel heavy. Feel vibrant energy and radiant light shining from within.


Plant the seeds of beauty in your mind by repeating this mantra. You will soon begin to feel as if beautiful flowers are blooming in your soul. Let this beauty seep out every pore, giving you a healthy and attractive glow. Not only will you feel beautiful, everything around you will also appear stunning and gorgeous.


Feel this mantra as a vibration that tickles your belly on the edge of a good, hard, laugh. Notice how injecting a little joy into your heart and mind sends through your body a vibrational quality akin to ringing bells. Giggle with pure joy and feel better in an instant.

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