Whitney Houston’s Journey to Health

Possessing some of the most powerful vocals in pop music, Whitney Houston is back on the music scene as she debuted her highly anticipated new album “I Look to You” on August 31, 2022.whitney houston i look to you

Set to appear on the season premiere of Oprah, a two-day event starting September 14, as the “music interview of the decade,” Whitney will answer some of Oprah‘s toughest questions on her life, including her drug abuse, divorce and the inspiration behind her long-awaited sixth album.

Healing from more than a decade-long history of drug abuse, Houston in years past has often been photographed looking frightfully thin, sallow and exhausted – just a few of the hallmark signs of her drug and alcohol addiction, which she did admitted to in 2002 in an interview with Diane Sawyer. She has denied having the eating disorder anorexia nervosa, and instead blamed her gaunt appearance on stress and the emotional turmoil of her substance abuse problems.

But with the help of her music producer Clive Davis, whom she has personally calls “her mentor,” Houston is back and ready to reclaim her title as one of the best leading female vocalists of all time.

DietsInReview.com will be tuning in to Oprah to learn how this Superstar managed to pick herself up emotionally and physically and come out looking better and healthier than ever.

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