20 Top Diet Books for Amazon Kindle

Oprah revealed that her newest favorite thing is the Amazon Kindle, a revolutionary digital reading device than can download and store up to 200 books, magazines and newspapers. Using wireless technology similar to a cell phone, the Kindle does not need an Internet connection. For a cost of about $10, you can download your choice of more than 185,000 books, hundreds of magazines, newspapers from the U.S. and around the world, and access more than 850 blogs.

The Kindle weighs about 10 oz. and fits in the palm of your hand. Being light-weight, it’s small enough and convenient to take just about anywhere. If you’ve needed a reason to catch up on the latest diet books, keep your favorite cookbook at the tips of your fingers, or never miss an issue of your favorite health magazine, the Kindle is worthy of being one of your new favorite things. Learn more about the Amazon Kindle.

Check out this list of 20 popular books in the diet and weight loss category, all available for the Amazon Kindle.

1. Weight Watchers Diet Plan

2. Abs Diet for Women

3. YOU: On a Diet

4. Skinny Bitch

5. The Flexitarian Diet

6. Crack the Fat-Loss Code

7. The Best Life Diet

8. South Beach Diet

9. 21 Pounds in 21 Days

10. Hungry Girl

11. Quantum Wellness

12. Valerie Bertinelli: Losing it and Gaining My Life Back

13. Biggest Loser Cookbook

14. Jillian Michaels: Making the Cut

15. The Genotype Diet

16. Atkin’s Shopping Guide

17. The Fertility Diet

18. Living Gluten-Free for Dummies

19. Type II Diabetes Diet Book

20. Prevention Magazine

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Becky says:

Great list of books! I can’t believe that I haven’t read any of them but I definitely have it on my list to check them out. A book that I have read recently though has been a awesome! Structure House written by Gerard Musante taught me that food is the biggest factor to my non-productive weight loss, and that my emotions drive me to eat! Big breakthrough for me. Thanks again for the great list of books.

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