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Amazon Fresh’s Grocery Delivery Needs Some Work

Amazon has come a long way over the years and has certainly changed the way consumers shop. And with their recent launch of Amazon Fresh, they are slowly attempting to tackle the online grocery shopping industry as well.

food truck2

For the past five years the service has been available only in Seattle, where Amazon  launched the pilot grocery project and tried to work out the kinks. To be fair, this is one of the longest-running tests in tech history. But based on recent reviews about its newest expansions to Los Angeles and San Francisco, it sounds like maybe they should have kept trouble-shooting for a little bit longer.


Save $50 on Amazon Kindle

Last week we introduced to you Oprah’s new favorite thing- the Amazon Kindle.

This impressive digital reading device sells at Amazon for $359. When Oprah pulls a string, people listen. As such, you can save $50 off your Amazon Kindle purchase by using the promotional code OPRAHWINFREY.

We invite you to learn more about Oprah’s must-have new gadget, and see our list of the 20 Top Diet Books for Amazon Kindle. Or, if your mind is made, grab your Amazon Kindle now.

This offer expires 10/31/08.

20 Top Diet Books for Amazon Kindle

Oprah revealed that her newest favorite thing is the Amazon Kindle, a revolutionary digital reading device than can download and store up to 200 books, magazines and newspapers. Using wireless technology similar to a cell phone, the Kindle does not need an Internet connection. For a cost of about $10, you can download your choice of more than 185,000 books, hundreds of magazines, newspapers from the U.S. and around the world, and access more than 850 blogs.

The Kindle weighs about 10 oz. and fits in the palm of your hand. Being light-weight, it’s small enough and convenient to take just about anywhere. If you’ve needed a reason to catch up on the latest diet books, keep your favorite cookbook at the tips of your fingers, or never miss an issue of your favorite health magazine, the Kindle is worthy of being one of your new favorite things. Learn more about the Amazon Kindle.

Check out this list of 20 popular books in the diet and weight loss category, all available for the Amazon Kindle.

1. Weight Watchers Diet Plan

2. Abs Diet for Women

3. YOU: On a Diet (more…)

Oprah’s Newest Favorite Thing: The Amazon Kindle

If Oprah likes it, the public generally wants her. Her annual “Favorite Things” episodes have become something of a legend. On those shows she always reveals the latest candle, book, clothing, shoes, appliances and more that she just can’t seem to live without. Her hysterical audience squeals as they learn each new thing they’ll be taking home.

Today, she unveiled the new tech gadget that she says is “the wave of the future.” It’s the Amazon Kindle, a digital reading device that uses revolutionary technology called electronic paper. The hand-held device is incredibly light weight (10.3 oz.) and the 6″ screen reads as crisp as reading a book or newspaper. (more…)