Oprah’s Newest Favorite Thing: The Amazon Kindle

If Oprah likes it, the public generally wants her. Her annual “Favorite Things” episodes have become something of a legend. On those shows she always reveals the latest candle, book, clothing, shoes, appliances and more that she just can’t seem to live without. Her hysterical audience squeals as they learn each new thing they’ll be taking home.

Today, she unveiled the new tech gadget that she says is “the wave of the future.” It’s the Amazon Kindle, a digital reading device that uses revolutionary technology called electronic paper. The hand-held device is incredibly light weight (10.3 oz.) and the 6″ screen reads as crisp as reading a book or newspaper. The Kindle uses a 3G network (Amazon’s own called Whispernet), similar to cell phones, to wirelessly download books, newspapers, blogs and more. Unlike a computer, it doesn’t require an internet connection or WiFi.

The Kindle inventory is constantly being updated. Right now you can download more than 185,000 books, including 109 of 112 current New York Times Best Sellers. You can get those best sellers for about $9.99, far more affordable than a hardback book. Once you purchase a book via Kindle, it will be downloaded in its entirety in less than a minute. You can download leading U.S. newspapers and magazines like The Wall Street Journal and Forbes, as well as leading international newspapers. You can also follow more than 850 blogs, which update throughout the day. Your Kindle can hold up to 200 titles.

Imagine trying to put 200 of your favorite books, newspapers and magazines into your bag? A feat Mary Poppins would surely have trouble with.

So if your excuse to not read that latest health or diet book has been that you don’t have time, couldn’t afford the book, or that your child tore out all the pages, the Kindle is the answer. Treat yourself, or start your holiday shopping early this year with the Amazon Kindle.

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