Curtis Stone’s Cupcakes and Vegan Dinner at Bob’s in Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 4 Recap

Oh cupcake-dness temptation! Our first temptation (as you saw in the cameo with Jillian admitting to plotting to kill Tracey) was a cupcake challenge! What is with the cupcakes already? I would have been more tempted by cheesy pasta back then! Just FYI, Bob and Jillian totally hate the temptations! I think because it is reinforcing that bad eating behavior based on feelings (i.e. in this case fear, as you saw with Elizabeth). They want us to recognize that you can do bad all by your … work ethic! But they also know that the game gets crazy and it gets in your head and sometimes you play the game just to keep the game players from the game. Confused yet? Good, now you know what it’s like to be on the ranch!

Try Curtis Stone’s Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe and Bob’s Vegan Recipes from tonight’s show.

I won’t need to comment on the new format of mid-week weigh-in, right? However, I was impressed with Frado’s 20-pound loss. Just wonder what that means for him next week?

Wow! The contestants below the yellow line got to go to Bob’s house! OK, OK we did get to go out to eat with Bob and Jillian, too! What Bob said about your food being colorful is exactly what I said when I went home on a challenge and my family was eating fries, chicken strips, tacos and burgers! It’s all beige! Think color with your food, people! It can be fun festive and nutritious!

Jillian totally got in some heads this week: Aaron, Elizabeth and Ada. When she sees the smallest corner of that secret setback you are holding on to, watch out, because she is going to pull and tug at it with all her might. And you would be surprised how strong that little woman is! Those moments are some of the most important moments on the ranch though. Those emotional weights that hold us back do some real damage and letting them go can be scary, but in the end, I know that solving that stuff it is what helps keeps the weight off.

The red line just plain ol’ sucks! And hey, is there an orange bias with the red line? My buddy Daniel (orange) went home under that silly thing as well! Sophia looks like she’s kicking butt and takin’ names at home, which is amazing. I have no doubt she will do well (matter of fact, I spoke with her this week and she is seriously just as positive and well balanced as you saw! Love her! Go Orange!)

Well that is the third straight female elimination! I have no idea how the rest of the season will be shaping up but really, come on now, is it going to be an all-guy finale or is someone going to step up and take out one of those men?! I get it that men have a slight advantage in weight loss, but haven’t we learned that on the ranch ANYTHING is possible? Ahem Ali Vincent and Michelle Aguilar?

Whoa nelly! I just knew they were going to bring them back! I don’t know if they are all coming back or just one will fight their way back on. But by golly, I knew it! Having new players emerge can really throw the ranch in a tizzy! About this time people are figuring out their “alliances”, or their “friends,” if you will, and their competition. And then booyah here comes a newbie! I love it! And so excited to see they all got a chance at the ranch! I mean hello, did you really think Biggest Loser would leave anyone out to dry? NAH!

Loved Burgandy‘s take on being at home. I tell people all the time you don’t need a gym membership or anything fancy, just a pal and a plan.

Until next week…

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