Different “Before” and “After” Models Flaunted by Weight-Loss Clinic

Models Pose as before and after

Image Via AdWeek

A number of weight-loss scams have hired naturally thin models to portray the “after” results of their diets, but usually companies would like you to think that the “before” and “after” pictures are of the same person. The Kimkins diet notoriously fabricated not only before and after images, but testimonials as well.

The Estonian weight-loss clinic VIP Medicum isn’t concerned with authenticity in their recent campaign. They’ve hired two different women, one slim and one plump, to pose as the “before” and “after” examples of their weight-loss program. The two women are sent out to give away VIP Medicum pamphlets at events. The concept was created by ambient ad specialists at van der Buzz.

While the models are obviously an illustration rather than a literal demonstration, there’s been a public outcry on behalf of the “Before” model. Many argue that this is an offensive abuse of a plus-size model.

Tells us what you think: is this campaign a clever twist on a diet ad cliché or an offensive use of women’s bodies?

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