Dig Deeper to Find Untapped Fitness Energy

By Sarah Nitta for Biggest Loser Resort.

I had an eye-opening experience this week during my weekly visit to Fitness Ridge. I got a chance to jump in on Sharon’s kickboxing class and was having a great workout! Toward the end of class we were instructed to hit our bag with all our might for a straight 90 seconds. I was ready! I started in on my bag, giving it everything I had until my energy was drained. Around 30 seconds into it I started getting tired and could feel my starting to slow down. Out of the blue, a guest came and joined me on my bag. She started punching on the opposite side and was yelling out “come on, Sarah! Pick it up! You can do this. Punch harder! I can’t feel you!” The most incredible thing happened. A surge of energy rushed through me and my punches started coming out faster and faster.

Sharon called out that we had 30 seconds left and my new friend, who I had never before met until she joined me 30 seconds earlier, continued to yell “come on, Sarah! You can do anything for 30 seconds! That’s it, that’s it! Don’t stop now. Come on!” I swear my body got stronger with every word she said and I finished that last 30 seconds with more power and energy than I had probably put into the entire class. My new friend high-fived me, said good job, and returned to her original bag.

Before my visitor had joined me I honestly thought I was giving the class my all. It turns out I was wrong. Sometimes we are unable to tap into the unfamiliar source of energy and strength on our own when our bodies feel tired. We need the encouragement and energy of the people around us to pull that out and push us past our mental limits. No wonder I burned more calories in this group fitness class than I do on my own! I spent the rest of the day observing guests all around me doing the same thing for each other. And as they pushed each other they were inevitably pushing themselves.

There’s an energy at Fitness Ridge that is contagious. People discover how far they can really go and rejoice with one another when they blow past the confines of their minds. My challenge for you is to join a group fitness class at your gym or find a friend to work out with. I promise you that there are people who want to join you, who will challenge you, and who probably need your help just as much all around you. Happy Hunting!

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