Don’t Get Spooked by Unfamiliar Fitness Equipment This Halloween

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Forget ghosts and goblins, the gym can be a scary place. Some of the weight machines look like torture devices out of a horror film and, let’s face it, sometimes the dudes in there grunt and sweat like monsters. But have no fear! We’re here to help! With a little guidance from the gym staff and a bit of confidence, using fitness equipment doesn’t have to be a fright. Follow these tips from the exercise experts at Life Fitness to overcome the spookiness of unknown fitness equipment!



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Scare Away Your Fitness-Machine Fears With These Tips

1. Have the right attitude. If you are using equipment that is new to you, cut yourself some slack. It takes time to learn new equipment and proper technique. Don’t worry about how you look—people are typically so enthralled with their own workouts that they aren’t paying attention to you. Pat yourself on the back for trying something new, and soon you won’t be a beginner anymore. The most important thing to remember is that everyone is a beginner when they start!

2. Start slowly. Some equipment has multiple uses. If you are new to a machine, simply begin by using it in its most basic form, which is usually outlined on the machine itself. Work your way up to using additional features and handles. Just be sure to ask a fitness professional if you have any questions.

3. Equipment is often less scary than it appears. Have you ever procrastinated on a project or deadline because it appeared overwhelming, but once you dived in, it wasn’t as difficult as you thought? Gym equipment is the same way. Some machines appear complicated, but really aren’t. If you slow down and take a look at the diagram featured on the equipment, you will likely be able to figure out how to use it.

4. Talk to a trainers. Most fitness centers have a dedicated team of personal trainers and staff to help you. Staff members have customized expertise on the exercise equipment and can walk you through the steps of properly using each machine. From insight into what muscle groups the equipment targets, to proper form and safe usage of the equipment, be sure to ask any questions that you may have.

5. Hit the web. If a piece of gym equipment exists, there’s a tutorial on how to use it. Oftentimes, you can watch short video clips online before heading to the gym.

What piece of fitness equipment do you find the most scary and why?

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