Draw Halloween Costume Inspiration from 2024’s Health and Fitness Trends

By Kelsey Murray

Who says that Halloween is only for candy-fueled kids who dress up as scary monsters and the latest comic book characters? Well, maybe most people say that, but it doesn’t have to be true this year for you.

Here’s our list of healthy Halloween costumes for 2024! Be a great influence on your kids, show off your fit bod, or give your favorite home town athlete some love by drawing costume inspiration from healthy sources. Don’t worry, you can still have a piece of candy or two.

Fruits and Veggies

You would be surprised how many different vegetable and fruit costumes there are in the world. Use Halloween as an excuse to proclaim your love of your favorite vitamin-rich food.

How to Do It: I am usually an advocate for making your costumes from scratch, but like I said earlier, there are many pre-made fruit and veggie costumes available already. However, if you want to make your own costume, I recommend using face paint to make your skin the appropriate color (green for broccoli, orange for a carrot, etc.) and dress in the same color. Then take a baggy of your veggie with you when you go out on Halloween so you can offer to let your friends eat your “cousins” instead of candy.

Jillian Michaels

Channel your inner-workout-queen and dress up as this lady of Biggest Loser fame. Bonus points if you randomly tell your friends they are not working out hard enough during normal conversations.

How to Do It: Although I am sure she owns other clothes, the only thing I can think of seeing Jillian Michaels wearing is a black sports bra and black workout capris. Carry a copy of one of Jillian’s millions of books, let your hair hang long, and lace up your white sneakers to complete the look. If you aren’t in Jillian shape, feel free to draw on some abs and keep a scowl on your face.

Professional Athlete

The options are endless here. You could take it back to classic sports and dress up like Babe Ruth, or bring it back to the modern day and impersonate Tim Tebow. Some of the big names in professional sports this year were Reggie Bush, LeBron James, and the USA Women’s FIFA Soccer Team.

How to Do It: An obviously easy way to dress as a professional athlete is to simply wear their jersey. This works for all of these athletes. You can also carry their respective sports equipment (football, basketball, or soccer ball) with you as a prop. Plus, if the party you are attending gets boring, you can always have an impromptu sports game to get some exercise.

Skinny Kirstie Alley

Poor girl! She can get into shape, but has some trouble staying in shape. Help her out on Halloween and celebrate her thinner self. Obviously, this idea is meant for women, but if you happen to know a man who can pull it off, he could earn some major bragging rights.

How to Do It: Do you remember when Kirstie wore that little bikini on the Oprah Show? Well, go get yourself a swimsuit and flaunt what ya got! Or, find a fabulous ball gown and practice some of her Dancing with the Stars moves that helped her shed some pounds this year.


As we all know, triathletes are beasts, so why wouldn’t you want to dress up as the most amazing type of athlete this year?

How to Do It: Triathletes compete in three events: running, swimming, and bicycling, so you need to represent all three parts of this competition. Grab a shirt that you wore during a race and pin a piece of paper with your favorite number on it. Then, throw a pair of goggles around your neck (kind of like a necklace, except sportier), and finish the outfit off by riding your bike to the party you are attending and rock your helmet all night.

80’s Workout Fanatic

Make Richard Simmons proud! This man has helped thousands of people lose unwanted weight and inspired many to improve their lives. Plus, he makes it fun! He deserves to be honored (or mocked, depending how you do it) this Halloween!

How to Do It: Of course, you must wear neon colors and tall white socks. Bonus points if your hair is in a side-ponytail (women) or a baby afro (men). Stay excited, use jazz hands and run from room to room clapping all night.

Caveman Dieter

You can really have a lot of fun with this costume idea. Caveman dieters only eat grass-fed meats, fish, vegetables and fruits, while avoiding processed foods, sugar, dairy, and salt. So dress up like a caveman and pack a Paleo snack, because to be truly authentic, you must stay away from all the Halloween candy and alcohol!

How to Do It: Wrap a tan sheet around yourself to form a loin-cloth (or toga-esque dress for the ladies). Mess up your hair and feel free to add some twigs and rub dirt on your face. No shoes allowed with this costume, but a big stick to serve as a club is a welcome accessory.


Shake Weight User

Have you ever used a Shake Weight? I have, and it actually gave me a pretty good workout, but I have wondered what someone would look like if they only used the Shake Weight on one arm. Sounds like a great Halloween costume to me.

How to Do It: Find a long sleeved shirt that is a size larger than what you normally wear and cut the sleeve off one side. Put padding in the sleeve that is still attached so that your arm looks bigger and bulkier than your bare arm. Then carry the Shake Weight with the hand that is not covered by the sleeve. This arm will look toned, while the other will look flabby and hidden. Or, switch it, and add a bunch of muscle to your sleeved arm, so it looks like you’ve been Shake Weighting non-stop for years.

Yoga Freak

Yoga is good for us; there’s no denying that. However, there will always be that one person who takes his/her obsession with the practice to the extreme. But that’s OK with us, because it makes a great Halloween costume! 

How to Do It: Put on your yoga workout-gear and carry a yoga mat with you all night. You can randomly start doing yoga poses, such as the downward-facing dog boat pose during the middle of a conversation to really drive home the level of your dedication.

Do you have any other fun ideas for healthy Halloween costumes? Share them with us below in the comments section, and of course, we’d love to see pictures of your costumes on our Facebook page.


If you’re in to Foursquare and want to represent this exciting social tool at your Halloween party this year, maybe you can go as the founder’s alter ego, “Fat Denny.” Dennis Crowley tweets as @Dens and often shares his love of lobster rolls using #FatDenny. The truth is he’s a pretty fit guy, and frequently tweets his FitBit stats, as well as his Withings scale stats. Moderation and accountability! You could also go as the check-in tool’s “Gym Rat Badge,” and show people just how committed you are to your own fitness.

How to Do It: If you’re going as #FatDenny, you’ll need a little padding under your Foursquare or Syracuse hoodie, your favorite pair of broken in jeans, sneakers, and a ball cap. Be sure to check-in to Foursquare on your phone, and maybe bring along your favorite lobster roll for a snack.

If you’re going as the gym rat badge, dress as a mouse and carry a dumbbell.

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