Eat Like the Royals: 7 Ballpark Recipes Celebrating the Kansas City Royals’ World Series Run

Last night, my social channels bled blue as the Kansas City Royals clenched their first playoff bid since 1985. Chants of going all the way were deafening and will no doubt silence any time soon. It’s a moment these Midwest baseball fans have waited, in some cases, all their lives for. There are a lot of long games ahead for these fans, as many as seven if things go their way, which means a lot of tailgate-inspired eating is on the horizon.

How does one eat like a Royal? There’s no pinkies out around here like those other royals. This is both KC Missouri and Kansas — around here, it’s all about the meat!

Here’s how to eat like a Royals fan — we’ll even show you a few ways to trim down these ballgame faves so you don’t need to up-size your new champions T-shirt!


clean caramel corn laurenslatestimage credit

No ballgame is complete without Cracker Jacks, but they’re kind of terrible for you. We love this recipe from that uses coconut oil, maple syrup, sea salt, and vanilla to craft a treat as indulgent as the classic. Popcorn is naturally gluten-free, if that’s your thing. This recipe is also vegan and without adding processed sugars.

beef meatball kabobsimage credit Kacy Meinecke/


Grilling a batch of big, juicy burgers  these parts. But there are ways to teach these old dogs new tricks! Treat the burger as a side or appetizer with this tiny meatball kabobs. They’ve got big flavor, as we stuffed all-natural beef with jalapeno and cheddar cheese.

pulled pork slidersimage credit Terry Grieco Kenny/


Barbecue is a way of life out here, with Kansas City being one of the most influential points on the map for this slow-smoked cuisine. This recipe calls for tenderloin, a leaner cut of meat that slow cooks to perfection. We enjoy them as sliders, a smaller serving that allows for more munchies on the side, and then pile them high with coleslaw for a hearty dose of veggies.

Chocolate-Glazed-Soft-Pretzel-Bitesimage credit Mitch Mandel/Biggest Loser Desserts


You won’t find any haz-mat yellow nacho cheese here, but count on us dunking these soft and chewy pretzel bites in a mess decadent fudge sauce. Use whole wheat pizza dough to effortlessly craft this snackable ball park treat!

chocolate covered pretzel protein ballsimage credit Kacy Meinecke/


Add flair to the ballgame theme with these poppable homemade “Larabar” balls! Get the crunch of the salty pretzels with a satisfying sweetness from the chocolate all with the added benefit of a dose of protein. Just what you need to power through cheering on the home team.

sam adams lemonade slushimage credit Kacy Meinecke/


This would go for at least ten bucks at the ball park, but you could save a dime and make it yourself at home. Even better? Imbibe with Kansas City’s own Boulevard Wheat, a popular beer that goes down easy and will delightfully complement this sweet homemade frozen lemonade.

applegate hot dogsimage credit Kacy Meinecke/


A hot dog and a beer at a baseball game — it’s the ingredients of a perfect American afternoon! At Kauffman Stadium, home of the Royals, they serve the dogs up like a reuben sandwich — piled high with Swiss cheese and sauerkraut. Make ’em at home with an Applegate Naturals Beef Hot Dog.

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