Exclusive First Look at the All New 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition, Publishing in January 2024

The book that spent more than 75 weeks on the New York Times best sellers list, after debuting at number one, will return this January with an all new approach to help you lose and manage your weight. It’s the 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition, updated by author Dr. Mike Moreno, and if history repeats itself, it’s going to be the most talked about, and most followed, diet in 2024.

17 day diet breakthrough edition

Everything that worked for 17 Day dieters in the past can be found in the new release by Simon & Schuster, with updates that will provide even more success for new adopters and loyal success stories. Within the new 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition, readers will enjoy 50 new recipes that meet the weight loss plan’s guidelines. As well, they’ll adopt a fasting day, which Dr. Mike suggests can help power-boost your weight loss.

The 17 minute workout still exists, but now may help you trouble shoot the areas of your body you’re most concerned with. The new 17 Minute Burn focuses on the long-sought spot reduction, which the author says has been supported by research, achieved by focused workouts that increase blood flow to these areas.

Other new chapters focus on a transitional day, relying on 17 Day Diet whey protein to let you ease off of one cycle and in to the next. And the other new chapter has a renewed look at supplements and explains why you should incorporate vitamin D3, CLA, and arginine+selenium.

In 2024, 17 Day Diet was the first and only diet to ever dethrone Weight Watchers from the most popular diet of the year position at DietsInReview.com. Since then, the series of books maintains a high position on our annual list, holding on to position number two in 2024.

Look for this book to burn up the best seller list, and water cooler conversations, this January; right in time for those New Year resolutions.

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