Food Find: Only 8 Frozen Yogurt

If your food Achilles heel is ice cream then listen up: Only 8 frozen yogurt is a new kind of soft-serve frozen treat that is cropping up in ice cream shops all over the country. Only 8 is similar to Pinkberry and Tasti D-lite in its taste, texture, nutrition stats and popularity. Only 8 frozen yogurt

Only 8 has a tart flavor like Pinkberry, thanks to its active yogurt cultures. Its wide selection of flavors like peanut butter, caramel and about 30 others allow ice cream shop owners to keep their customers returning for new tastes.

One half-cup serving supposedly contains 32 calories, zero fat, zero cholesterol and four live active yogurt cultures. The “supposed” remark refers only to calories and serves as a gentle caution that the eight calorie per ounce labeling might be skewed depending upon how much syrup was added to the mix and the actual weight of the serving cup.

To assuage your fears, simply ask your ice cream server to weigh your Only 8 dish so that you can accurately determine whether your six-ounce cup is really six ounces or more like nine. Even though the ice cream is placed in a container that can hold a set amount of weight, most soft-serve and hand-packed ice cream shops are a bit more generous in their servings, and that equates to more calories for you.

And even if you suspect that more syrup has been added to your tasty treat, mentally bump up the calories to ten per ounce rather than the claimed eight, recalculate and dig in.

Only 8 contains water, fructose, kosher whey, whey protein concentrate, maltodextrin, natural flavorings and stabilizers, calcium and four live active yogurt cultures. Just in case your missed it, Only 8 does not contain any artificial sugars which can cause serious tummy distress. In addition, it is safe for most diabetics, for those who are lactose intolerant, and it’s gluten-free.

Check with your local independent ice cream shops to see if they carry Only 8 frozen yogurt. If they don’t, encourage them do so as lines for this low-cal tasty treat have been rumored to extend out the door.

2 Responses to Food Find: Only 8 Frozen Yogurt

JB says:

A local frozen yogurt shop here in Tucson keeps saying that the Only 8 is sugar free. I also have read on line that it is sugar free BUT it contains fructose which is fruit sugar so how can it be sugar free? I have serious problems when I eat refined sugar so I need to be very careful. Why do they keep saying it is sugar free?

Paige says:

The glycemic load for fructose is 19 per gram. Glucose is 100 per gram. Your body does not process it as it would glucose and does not cause a large sugar spike.

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