Garmin Fit App Offers Same Tracking Technology Runners Expect

Garmin has finally introduced its first fitness app for the iPhone and Android. The $.99 Garmin Fit App will make it easier for all to measure distance, time, calories, and speed during their workouts. As Garmin is one of the most popular tracking devices among runners, cyclists, and triathletes, many others will be able to see the benefits of tracking their stats for a much lower price than purchasing a Garmin wrist unit.

The app claims to provide all the same functions as their physical wrist tracking unit, though. Whether walking, running, or cycling, users can track their speed and distance and then load the stats to the free online log at

The mobile app allows for users to stay totally connected. All the functions of a powerful fitness app are coupled with a mobile device that will still allow for music control, phone and text use, all without app interruption. The app also allows for goal setting and result sharing among social media accounts.

The Fit App is designed for those who are just entering the fitness arena and need an effective way to get started. The app is also a great solution to seasoned athletes who may have forgotten to charge their wrist device or left it at home by mistake while traveling. The app makes it possible for all activities to be tracked, no matter the circumstance.

The Fit App is similar to many other fitness apps on the market. The few differences are that this app is created by such a trusted and reputable fitness company. The Fit App also allows for the online log. Finally, Garmin is also introducing their signature ANT+ adapter for the iPhone. One of the most unique features about newer Garmin Forerunner models is the wireless transfers from device to computer. This is done by the ANT+ Agent. The iPhone adapter will also sync with a sensor such as a foot pod to track heart rate and cadence. These additions allow for indoor tracking, such as a treadmill run, and consistent heart rate monitoring.

As a seasoned runner and faithful Garmin user, I’ve been skeptical about all other fitness apps, believing that there’s nothing better than my Garmin around my wrist. Now that Garmin has an app, I may be changing my tune. They’ve had 20 years of great products, and it is doubtful that streak will end now.

Via: Engadget

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