Jets’ Coach Rex Ryan Weight Loss Inspiration to His Players

As we reported last year, Jets’ coach Rex Ryan is dealing with weight loss in his own way. Last year, he reportedly tried a liquid diet to cut weight from his substantial 350 pound frame. He did not find success in this effort and turned to a lap band surgery during the off season this past spring.

Recently, his team has been surprised to see him power walking on the treadmill as early as 7 a.m. Many of the Jets players like to complete their workouts early, but they have been shocked at the effort that Ryan has exerted in the early morning hours. “He was really going by the time we got in there,” Jets’ center Nick Mangold said recently. “So I don’t know what time he got in there, but he was going on that treadmill.”

Ryan reports that he has lost 70 pounds since undergoing the surgery and acknowledges that he has much more to go to reach his final goal of 250 pounds. His weight loss efforts have not gone unnoticed by his team, who have participated in weight loss contests with him in the past and feel that his efforts, in conjunction with the new and improved food offered in the Jet’s cafeteria, do much to encourage camaraderie among the team.
“The fact he asks his guys to be in shape and stuff and he cares enough to be so focused on losing the weight, you notice that,” offensive lineman Rob Turner said. “He doesn’t need to play, so he doesn’t need to look like us or train like it. But the fact that he’s committed amongst all his meetings with coaches and players to find a way to get in there and work out and watch what he eats, that says something.”
(via, image via AssociatedPress)

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