Kelly Osbourne Gets Revenge for Christina Aguilera’s Fat Jokes

Christina Aguilera has been getting slammed lately regarding her recent weight gain. Along with the media spotlighting her extra pounds, Kelly Osbourne is jumping in with her own feedback.

It’s no secret that these two have gone back and forth about weight and now Kelly Osbourne is getting her revenge. “She called me fat for years,” Osbourne recently stated on E! Fashion Police. This recent tirade is the second time in two months that Kelly has lashed out at Christina regarding her figure. “She called me fat for so many years. So you know what? You’re fat too,” Kelly said in September.

All of this negative weight publicity stems from Christina’s recent appearance at a Michael Jackson tribute concert where she wore a tight and unflattering outfit that showed off her larger physique.

Osbourne lost 48 pounds while she was competing on Dancing with the Stars in 2022 and has managed to keep most of the weight off. She did regain one dress size back in March and made a commitment to hit the gym to lose that weight.

Kelly is lashing out at Christina as an act of retaliation, but her reaction to Christina’s weight gain could have been handled completely different. Since Kelly has had success in losing weight, this could have been an opportunity for her to reach out to Christina with some help. It has been proven that buddying up boosts diet success and will help you reach your weight loss goals faster. Finding someone to go through your weight loss journey with you helps you stay accountable and can keep you motivated.

Although it doesn’t look like Kelly and Christina will be hitting the gym together anytime soon, the rest of us can follow a different example by offering support to others who are trying to lose weight – especially women who are judged more harshly for their figures.

Via Radar Online

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