Kim Kardashian Uses Atkins Diet to Lose 25 Pregnancy Pounds, She ‘Luvs it’

Kim Kardashian is following the Atkins Diet to lose her pregnancy weight. The reality TV star, who’s recently stepped out with blond locks and a slimmer figure, shared the news on Twitter during an impromptu Q and A Sunday.

An Atkins rep told us that “She is eating lots of lean proteins, healthy fats like nuts and avocado, carbs, fruits, veggies, and cheese.” Reports suggest Kim has lost between 20-25 pounds since adopting Atkins and birthing North. For the always trendy Kim, her choice to go with a half-century old diet concept is a bit shocking. But if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

kim kardashian on atkins

In 1958, when Dr. Robert Atkins introduced the world to his diet, he single-handedly started the low-carb craze. The regimen received a much needed update a couple of years ago with the release of the book New Atkins for a New You. The brand is on the eve of re-launching, with a new brand image that positions its low-carb approach in the midst of the Paleo diet craze.

The Atkins Diet has a positive 89 percent rating on our site, likely due to its conservative approach and reliable brand image. The diet allows for frequent eating to reduce hunger, encourages the eating of vegetables, and often produces quick results.

The low-carb diet isn’t appealing to everyone, as cutting out bread, pasta, and other starchy white carbs is no easy feat. Dieters could also binge eat on approved foods and eat the wrong kind of protein. But the Atkins diet still allows seafood, eggs, butter, bacon, cream, meat and olive oil, so it’s a relatively easy nutritional plan.

Jennifer Aniston, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rhianna, Cameron Diaz, and Sharon Osbourne have all lost weight by following the Atkins Diet. If followed correctly, one does not have to count calories on the Atkins diet, making it the perfect weight loss plan for on-the-go celebs. The Atkins Diet is easily approachable to frequent and novice dieters, as it uses a four step program to ease you in to weight loss.

The Atkins rep also reported that Kim’s doctor approved the diet in June. “She wanted to be a healthy, nursing mom and not toxify her milk with her diet or lose weight too quickly,” they said.

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