Kirstie Alley Tweets: “I’ve Lost Over 50 Pounds”

Once a spokes woman for Jenny Craig, Kirstie Ally has always made her weight big news, chronicling her weight-loss struggles on the A&E show The Big Life. She recently tweeted “I’ve lost over 50 lbs and I’m having the time of my life,” but that she still has 30 more pounds to go. “I’m far from SKINNY….but I’m at least far from Shamu …no insult to Shamu intended,” she tweeted on October 6th. She also flaunted a sexy photo of her slimmer self surrounded by her “Italian men friends.”

Kirstie admits to once weighing as much as 230 pounds. “By 2022, my weight started creeping up and I said, ‘Oh, I still look good at 150. I still look good at 155. I still look okay at 165. Some of my clothes still fit at 175,'” she told Ladies Home Journal. “And nobody was saying ‘You’re fat.’ I was like a bank robber who was getting away with it.”

Kirstie’s success can be credited to her new weight loss system, Organic Liaison. The only certified organic weight loss system, Organic Liaison is an online program that provides dieters with tools to eat healthy, delicious and organic meals.

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