Lemonade Weight Loss Diet Leaves a Sour Taste

Another day, another diet? It sure does seem that way. The latest diet du jour is the Lemonade Weight Loss Diet.

This 14-day diet is calling itself the new “Master Cleanse“, (which, in my book, isn’t something to brag about), and promises drastic weight loss of 5 to 17 pounds by just taking two tablets with each meal. The tablets contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, along with similar ingredients to the Master Cleanse, such as maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon. The manufacturer claims that the tablets aid digestion, speed the metabolism, reduce hunger and cleanse the colon.

Just like most crash diets these days, it has a celebrity behind it. Kym Johnson of Dancing with the Stars endorses the Lemonade Weight Loss Diet on its website and in a recent press release. With the holidays just around the corner, Johnson claims it’s her secret to keeping the weight off without giving up her favorite holiday foods.

“I’m a very social person,” Johnson says in a press release. “There’s no way I’m going to give up going out with my friends or saying no to parties and celebrations from Halloween, right through ringing in the New Year … I just take two caplets three times a day. I am enjoying the foods I love, but feeling full faster, and my body is being detoxified on a daily basis. It’s brilliant!”

Sigh. I know diet season is upon us and the holidays do pose a challenge, but a quick fix is never the answer. Not only is this product not approved by the FDA for safety (nor is any other supplement on the market), but also, the manufacturer even warns on its website of normal and temporary “detoxification symptoms,” including gastrointestinal upset, gas, headache and a general sick feeling. That’s definitely not how I want to feel this holiday season.

This product also isn’t cheap. The full 14-day plan sells for $69.95 on its website. You sure could get a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables for that! Bottomline, if something sounds too good to be true — and 17 pounds in two weeks without many changes does — it usually is! If you’re ready to lose weight the healthy way, follow these easy tips!

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