McConaughey and Downey Jr. are Guinea Pigs for Tracy Anderson’s New Men’s Program

As a guy, I’ve oft wondered how celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Maggie Gylenhall shape their svelte and rockin’ bods. OK, that’s a huge lie, but all three have toned physiques, and they owe it to the blonde, pixie-trainer Tracy Anderson. The spritely fitness mogul has a celebrity client list comprised solely of females— the aforementioned and J. Lo, Shakira, Nicole Richie—but has now decided to help out the dudes.


According to Details Magazine, the “Tracy Anderson Men’s Program” aims to encourage guys that to believe that dance-cardio isn’t emasculating. The trainer has already made guinea pigs of super-studs Matthew McConaughey and Robert Downey, Jr. That’s a tough road to hoe, but if it’s good enough for the literal Iron Man, it’s good enough for me.

What did the Hollywood hunks test out for us? Per a press release, “A typical workout will include a a full0-body warmup, an arm routine, a lower-body workout that employs planks…and a focused core routine that defines the abdominal muscles and works deeply in the transverse abdominals. The workout concludes with high-intensity, agility-based cardio work.”

So, basically, a lot of dancing.

Beginning October 14, the men’s program will be offered at Tracy’s LA and NYC studios, and judging from the horizontal ropes that stretch across the ceiling, will soon be full of sweaty dudes swinging around on elastic bands as they wonder how their girlfriends convinced them to do “dance-cardio.” But seriously, the classes will be affordable—$40 a la carte—and will soon have an accompanying manly man DVD companion. Anderson has even invented some sort of “men’s high intensity machine,” which apparently is a device bred from a treadmill and obstacle course.

Tracy, who has released dozens of workout DVDs and a book for good measure, was once an aspiring dancer from Indiana who dreamt of the big time in NYC, but when she gained 40 pounds, she shelved her ballet flats and decided to launch a fitness empire. With gyms in London, LA, NYC and the Hamptons, she’s always been kind enough to share her weight loss secrets with us peasants, but could never corner the male market.

Tracy Anderson’s “Men’s Program” will need a unique and action-packed workout regimen to convince us dudes it’s not another lame fitness technique. But her treadmill/obstacle course contraption could pique just enough manly curiosity to make the program work.

As long as it doesn’t rip out chest hair.

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