Perez Hilton Launches Celebrity Fitness Blog [VIDEO]

The Perez Hilton gossip empire just hollowed out a new niche for itself: health and fitness. now joins and as the latest of the self-proclaimed Queen of all Media’s deliciously pulpy celebrity chasing-blogs.

The new site proves to be surprisingly positive. It broadcasts celebrity charity projects, quotes stars talking about their body issues, and of course lots and lots of sexy Hollywood bodies. While there’s still a “Fatty” tag, we hope it gets little use. We’re happy Perez isn’t getting too catty over body issues–at least not yet–who needs another tabloid publishing close-ups of celeb cellulite? There are enough eating disorders in the entertainment industry already.

It even looks like the site intends to cover some legitimate health news, as long as someone famous is talking about it. While we don’t recommend making fitperez your go-to spot for health advice, we’re sure Hilton will get the dirt on the latest and most outlandish Hollywood fitness crazes.

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