Pomegranate is Winter’s Perfect Produce

With the coming of winter, we’re faced with exciting and exotic produce to enjoy. Among the many to choose from is the pomegranate.

Although its health benefits are impressive, USA Today and the Federal Trade Commission remind us that pomegranate isn’t a cure-all. Consuming pomegranates will give you tons of great health benefits, but it certainly won’t provide any miracle cures.

Pomegranate seeds and juice provide ample amounts of:

We need more scientific studies to confirm the following information, but until then, add pomegranate or pomegranate juice to any wintry day for a healthy treat! Pomegranates (whole and juiced) provide the following benefits:

Heart Health: Pomegranate lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. It also prevents plaque build-up and dangerous clots in the arteries.

Men’s Health: When consumed daily for 3 months or more, pomegranate juice may combat erectile dysfunction.

Dental Health: Just as pomegranate prevents plaque in the circulatory system, it prevents dental plaque, too.

Joint Health: Inflammation is reduced by compounds found in pomegranate. Although this isn’t a cure for arthritis, it can help to alleviate the symptoms. Certain enzymes present in pomegranate may also prevent the deterioration of cartilage.

Cancer Treatment: Scientists suspect that regular consumption of pomegranate could not only prevent cancer, but it could also increase the effectiveness of cancer treatment. Breast, prostate, skin and lung cancer were among the types studied.

Other Long-Term Health: Alzheimer’s may be prevented (or at the very least, slowed down) by pomegranate. When consumed by an expectant-mother, pomegranate may also protect the neonatal brain from damage in the case of injury.

Dos and Don’ts of Pomegranates:

Don’t eat the whole pomegranate. Remove the tiny arils (seeds) and eat them whole (like popcorn), juiced or added to recipes.

Don’t forget that pomegranates are in season from September to February.

Don’t buy pomegranate juice unless it’s 100 percent pomegranate with no added sugar.

Do use pomegranate in your holiday punches and other beverages for a healthy, exotic flare.

Do expand your pomegranate consumption to other cultural regions. Across the Middle East and Mediterranean, pomegranate is used in savory dishes and desserts.

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