POUND: The Liberating New Workout That Beats to its Own Drum


Life can’t fully be enjoyed without balance and nurturing…but also going a little crazy sometimes. This is what fitness experts and recreational drummers Kirsten Potenza and Christina Peerenboom believed as they were searching for the perfect fitness class that they couldn’t quite find. So they created their own.

Kirsten and Christina gave us the lowdown on their new high-energy rhythmic class that they describe as a “45-minute group fitness format fusing all the best parts of Pilates, strength and conditioning, but with all the fun and aggressiveness of drumming.” And having taken the class myself, I can personally attest to the strength it takes and the fun you’ll have!

To explain this workout to someone who has never tried it before, my instructor provided a very fitting analogy:

Zumba is to cardio, as POUND is to strength.

You’ll find yourself in a club-like experience often with a DJ or a light show, banging on the floor with your signature Ripstix™ and sweating to choreographed strength routines. You don’t have to be a club-goer to enjoy this! Kirsten says that “everyone is drawn to POUND once they try it. Men, women, and children age 5-82 can be found in class and it’s inspiring to see them make it their own.”

Permission to Rock.  

Personally, as a woman and health professional who is told to stay focused all day, contain emotions, and otherwise stay composed, being able to hold weighted drum sticks and make noise for an hour to fun music was completely liberating. To Christina and Kirsten, this idea hits the nail on the head. “[POUND] wasn’t born of fitness, it was born of the need to connect, to feel free, release aggression, and tap into a side of you that you’re not usually permitted to do.”

Had a particularly hard day? Dealt with a difficult person? Traffic jam on your way to class? Kids making you crazy? Don’t worry, the second the music starts you can let it all go. You have permission to rock.


One word: Ripstix™ 

The Ripstix used to create the beats in class are twice the weight of normal drumsticks, much more durable (letting you really go to town during the intense squat jump series!), and they’re neon green (which is convenient when the class DJ uses a black light!). Christina reminds us that besides just helping you burn more calories, these drumsticks obviously let you make noise! “Instead of just seeing yourself in the mirror, you are able to hear your mark and adjust loudness, intensity, and precision based on what you hear,” she says. This means that anybody, rhythmically inclined or otherwise, will get immediate audio feedback on their progress which helps them improve that much faster.

What’s next? POUND for Kids and DVD Players. 

Kirsten says anyone can take the class if you keep the structure like it is now, but there’s been a huge demand for a youth-tailored program: “We’re hearing from PE classes or track teams looking for a kids program, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Simplify the structure, make it safe and appropriate for 5-16 year olds.”

“We’ve seen the effects of childhood obesity, and we see how much kids are enjoying our current POUND classes, so we’re excited to take it a step further and help bring it into schools and youth-friendly gyms,” says Christina.

The duo also has a new DVD series set for release in early 2023, complete with lifestyle tips, nutrition guides, and a 60-day calendar plan if you’d like to POUND it at home.

Follow POUND to stay up to date on these booming, kick-butt classes. In the meantime, I’ll be icing my sore shoulders and prepping for my next POUND party.


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images provided by POUND; Photo Credit: Mark Sacro

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