PSPfit Boot Camp Cycle 2 Partners with Lane Bryant in Time for Holiday Fitness Season

CeCe Olisa is at it again. The “Plus Size Princess” from is launching the second round of the popular #PSPfit fitness and nutrition boot camp.

PSPfit cheerleaders

This time it will take place during the 30 days leading up to Thanksgiving, from October 26 to November 27. “The holidays can be brutal! It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of shopping and parties and before you know it you’re not taking care of yourself the way you usually do,” CeCe shared. “This pre-Thanksgiving boot camp will bring us through the holidays more mindful of what we eat and how much activity we get.”

Partnering again with nutritionist Abra Pappa, CeCe is setting out once again to bring #PSPfit to any woman in the world. The boot camp utilizes social media to bring nutrition and fitness coaching to its participants. Women of all sizes are encouraged to take part in the 30-Day Pre-Thanksgiving boot camp.

Though based in New York, #PSPfit is available via YouTube workout videos through a sponsorship with Lane Bryant. The brand’s new activewear line, TruDry, will be featured in the #PSPfit fitness videos. #PSPfit subscribers will also receive a coupon from the curvy apparel retailer and contest winners will win gift cards.

“All of our videos feature trendy gym clothes by Lane Bryant Active Wear,” CeCe said. “Plus-size gym clothes can be hard to find, so we like to show curvy girls that they can get moving and look great doing it!”

The clothing isn’t the only thing that has changed in the fitness videos. “We’ve taken our YouTube fitness videos to the next level!” CeCe told us. “This cycle we’ve commissioned NYC trainer Personal P.E.P.P.E.R. to create a series of five-minute fitness videos that tone, strengthen, and build endurance for Healthy Curves.”

#PSPfit started as a social media movement to promote healthy curves. Since then, it has taken the belief that health can be found in any size and put together a program that allows women of any fitness level to benefit.

In addition to workouts, participants in the #PSPfit Pre-Thanksgiving Healthy Curves Challenge will also have access to a nutritionist. As soon as an individual has signed up for the boot camp, they will start on their clean eating journey.

“When it comes to clean eating, preparation is key! This time our nutrition coach, Abra Pappa, created an in-depth preparation guide that we send out as soon as members join,” CeCe said. “This gives us all time to clear out our kitchens, prepare our minds and prepare the people around us for the changes we’re going to make. The more prepared you are, the easier it is to reach your goals.”

Helping women reach their fitness goals, whatever they may be, is a core value of #PSPfit. The hope is that through the boot camps and social media interaction, women around the world can take charge of their body.

A virtual membership includes 30 days of meal plans, grocery lists and weekly nutrition guidance. Also included are weekly fitness videos with routines designed by Personal P.E.P.P.E.R., 30 days of unlimited yoga sessions from YogaWorks, access to a private Facebook group moderated by #PSPfit professionals, a 7-day pass to a nearby YogaWorks studio, and discounts and giveaways from Lane Bryant Activewear.

Women in the New York and New Jersey area receive admission to the weekly group workouts and nutrition classes in New York City in addition to the rest of the membership package.

To register for the #PSPfit Pre-Thanksgiving Healthy Curves Challenge, visit

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