Tara Reid Gets Fit for Playboy

tara reidWhen American Pie was released in 1999, Tara Reid became a sensation almost overnight thanks to her All-American Girl looks and body. But fast-forward about five years, a botched tummy tuck and breast augmentation, a few stays in alcohol rehab treatment centers and a battle with anorexia and you have the script for an all-too familiar, albeit sad and tragic, story of Hollywood fame and fortune gone seriously wrong.

But in order to add a few coats of fresh varnish to her sullied reputation, the actress has agreed to pose for Playboy magazine. Since her release from rehab in February, Tara has been spending grueling hours working out and getting in tip-top shape in the hopes that when the world sees her Playboy shoot, they will quickly remember the images of “Vicky,” the role that made her famous in her 1999 hit, rather than the weathered young woman who has endured addiction, an eating disorder and faulty medical care.

Even though it’s been rumored that Tara has enlisted the expert guidance of Jillian Michaels, according to the Biggest Loser trainer’s Facebook page, nothing could be further from the truth. In denying the rumors, the tough-talking, but big-hearted fitness expert, expressed her sole interest in only working with regular folks, not the “privileged few,” save Maria Shriver whom she considers a mentor and exemplary humanitarian.

Instead, Tara claims to be working out via long and challenging bike rides and fueling her diet with clean and healthy foods.

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